In 2012, MODETTI® stood amongst the first few companies that pushed for Personal Data Protection Bill, before it became enacted into law, now known as PDPA.

In accordance to PDPC guidelines, MODETTI® will cease acceptance of NRIC/ FIN/ PASSPORT for verification from 1st September 2019.

We introduced ECC in 2017, now used with our EVE mail system so you may see your mails with us, anytime. www.modetti.com/eve

Simply use your Company Name + ECC as verification when collecting mail!



Q1. What exactly is PDPA?

Personal Data Protection Act, a law in Singapore. www.pdpc.gov.sg


Q2. I don’t recall any ECC, how can I get one?

Tell us, by email/ in person. For security, we re-issue it directly to your registrant email. Registrant may share it with all authorised persons.


Q3. So how? It’s troublesome to remember more passwords!

Easy, we can set ECC as your preferred password!


Q4. I have several accounts here, can I have all the same password?

Yes, just 1 ECC. Many clients maintain multiple accounts with us, so we can set all accounts to follow your one preferred password.


Q5. What other methods of verification are accepted?

Sending us a request via registrant email at each visit. ECC is simpler though.


Q6. Someone may overhear my ECC, must I say it?

You may either write the company name and ECC on our tablet, or notepad discreetly. Otherwise, tap it on your phone and show it to our duty officer.


Q7. Can I change my ECC, and how many times can I change it?

Yes, but not more 5 times a year as you might get confused!


Q8. Can you set no verification necessary for my account?

Yes, please send us the permanently effective request via registrant email. Please know that this isn’t safe, anyone can collect your company mail?


Q9. Why don’t you do a mobile app and issue me a QR code, all free?

It’ll cost everyone including you but nary used as you’re not likely to collect mail everyday!


Q10. What happens to my NRIC numbers provided at signup?

Providing NRIC numbers during signup is necessary as the nature of this business service requires MODETTI® to accurately establish or verify the identities of the individuals to a high degree of fidelity. Such information is often required by the authorities ie. SPF/ CAD/ MOM.


Q11. I received letter from PDPC to register DPO for my company, now how?

PDPC outreach letters to companies for registering DPO is necessary. The first was by a foldable label, followed by a DPO sticker label and recently a chart with gentle reminder letter.

By now, PDPC has issued 3 such reminders so just follow the url stated, register your organisation’s DPO without further ado!


Q12. Any idea what happens to me or my company if I do not register a DPO?

PDPC adopted a gentle and friendly approach by issuing 3 such reminders. The purpose was really simple so that DPOs can be identified to represent respective organisation, adopt the right guidelines and processes on data protection within.

Complying with PDPC is necessary. PDPC cannot indefinitely continue such friendly approach because it’s the duty and obligation of every organisation to appoint a DPO.


Q13. If I really have no idea who to appoint as DPO for my organisation?

Contact MODETTI® for we have experienced DPO available as outsourced DPO for our client companies. Alternatively, there are organisations which train you as DPO, or other companies which may offer similar DPO services.


Q14. I do not subscribe to this ECC idea for verification but will not show my ID, nor send you any email request to waive verification.

ECC is a simple alternative of verification as it’s known only to registrant.

MODETTI® has and continues to make conscientious efforts for safeguarding our client privacy, personal data. We’ve done and are doing more than other service providers, happily knowing that your mail are not open for any visitor to take.

In order to provide you the mail services efficiently and without disruptions, we listed all possible ways to do so. If without your cooperation, the services cannot be delivered or carried out.


Q15. I have concerns about personal data I provided to MODETTI®, so how?

We treat privacy, client data very seriously.

Please contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) at:

Data Protection Officer, MODETTI®
81, Anson Road,
#08-13, M Hotel City Centre,
Singapore 079908.

or email using registrant email to:



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