From 2002 to progressively ahead, together

Together with you, professionally progressive
We started nearly 21 years ago, but sure keep updated to always be relevant and useful!

MODETTI® group of business services companies, popularly known by clients as M.O.S, first started as a government accredited Professional Bureau with 2 staffed offices in Singapore, both situated in the busy Central Business District (CBD).

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Both MODETTI® or MOS are popular acronyms for modetti office services.

We discovered that many clients whether local or overseas; enjoyed referring to us via short form. Before we obtained the trademark copyright with Singapore IPOS, clients affectionately referred to us as “MOS”. As our business divisions and sister companies grew, MODETTI® started to represent the entire network.

“modetti” means forward, modern, updated and represents our constant need to share updated information, knowledge and business experience with our clients.

MODETTI® is an accredited Professional Bureau Singapore. Our group of companies are all registered with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), our Singapore Government’s authority firmly regulating all businesses, accounting practices.

Our country is well known worldwide for very tough laws, and enforces extremely stringent regulations as you probably know. On top of stringent regulations, Professional Bureaus are subjected to more scrutiny since we assist and advise companies.

Our firms and services do not have any gimmicks, hidden charges or anything funny/ tricky.

One of the reasons why we remain relevant and useful, serving 3 generations of clients.

MODETTI® maintains proper and real business facilities in 2 central and convenient locations within Singapore financial district. Our group of companies hold valid licenses issued by Singapore Government, maintain credible bank accounts with reputable banks, works closely with the authorities and regulators, always committed against fraud and non-standard business practices by other service providers.

Our first office in 2002 was in Peninsula Plaza, nested in between many small sized law firms and trading companies which referred much happy startups to us. Our humble beginnings are always remembered as with every early client who placed their trust on us and still do today!

In August 2007, our Head Office was established at iconic No. 8, Liang Seah Street. Additional bespoke clients and increased numbers meant we needed more space than the first office in Peninsula Plaza. Liang Seah office was a unique shophouse boutique office environment with its VIP private parking and discreet lift which many clients still recall fondly of!

Shortly next, MODETTI® took over the former office premises of Singapore Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (SVCA) and officially entered the Raffles Place area with our then 3rd office at 14 Robinson Road #08-01A. Today, it is MODETTI® main postal hub and a very active branch office. It processes several hundreds of client mail daily via our experienced and modern-tech methods, well relied upon by many companies here and overseas.

In July 2012, MODETTI® Head Office relocated to an address of even greater prominence and accessibility, at One Raffles Place; a landmark in Singapore often pictured in the skyline.

This is while staying with our 3 offices strategy giving clients good options. It is one of the tallest commercial buildings in Singapore, on top of the Raffles Place MRT, Xchange and linked directly to the underground city and network reaching all the way to Marina Bay Financial Center (MBFC), Raffles Quay and beyond. More than 4 MRT stations are directly accessible, fully sheltered and minutes of walk away.

When we ran out of space and keep getting client feedback about the accessibility, it was time to make things better again. In January 2018, MODETTI® Head Office moved to quad-larger premises at Level 44 International Plaza. A view to behold, better spaces for clients and staff, abundance of really fresh air and being near to ACRA.

From October 2022, MODETTI® Head Office related to M Hotel Singapore, with upgrade in business environment and facilities to serve clients better!

Looking at our years and network, we are easily well regarded for consistency in corporate advisory and services. Our strong ability to provide professional and yet flexible services, is supported by our extensive network of business contacts established over the years.

MODETTI® was established as a 1 Stop Business Center, providing affordable services and solutions to our existing and new clients. You may not find the same wide range and level of services/ products, or same complete package, or same nice prices even at many other service providers!

Simply, honesty is our best policy and happy clients are our best advertisements. When you extend/ upgrade your package or refer your friends, all our efforts are worthwhile!

MODETTI® is also very proactive in the prevention of online fraud.

On a number of occasions, our firm had alerted and assisted the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) of our Singapore Police Force in preventing very serious losses nearly incurred by well known brands from their online transactions with consumers.

We are often asked to share our expert anti fraud techniques and processes so that a good balance can be achieved with credible merchants and online consumers.

MODETTI® is a well recognised business services provider in Singapore.

Our strong branding and services support more than four thousand local businesses and companies of various sizes, and not counting the few hundreds of foreign owned corporations that rely heavily on our services day in, day out.

MODETTI® is also well accepted by business communities and maintains corporate memberships with Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI), Singapore Trustees Association (STA), Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA), Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF), Association of Small Medium Enterprises (ASME), International Enterprise Singapore (ieSingapore), Australian Chamber of Commerce (AustCham), French Chamber of Commerce Singapore (FCCS) and many other credible organisations.

MODETTI® enjoys respect and good business repute with many commercial banks such as HSBC, CitiBank, ANZ, OCBC, Standard Chartered, DBS, just to name a few.

These banks willing designate their senior bankers to attend to our clients, much practically anytime and anywhere in Singapore, whenever we issue a professional recommendation.

At moments notice, we share the many conveniences of our known credibility, with our clients who benefit from VVIP, HNWI service and attention.

In operation since 2002, the group has established a professional reputation and fine tradition of providing affordable + reliable business services.


We incorporate many types of companies, and often serve, support the company from birth to growth.

MODETTI® clientele includes local and foreign companies, referrals from foreign embassies and chambers of commerce in Singapore.

Our consultants are professional, discreet and experienced in services we provide, a crucial trustworthy party to every client.

Besides accreditation as a Professional Bureau, MODETTI® is also registered with Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore ( IRAS ) as an e-Stamping professional services provider, and also a registered GeBIZ partner as supplier to our Singapore Government.


Furthermore, MODETTI® enjoys credible corporate memberships with the following ::



Our strength also lies in having high efficiency operations, supported by many divisions. Our vast network of affiliated companies allow us to provide you with more affordable fees and highly personalised services. We know cost matters to everyone, and quality service should NEVER be compromised.

MODETTI® is recognized and respected by corporate banks in Singapore and boutique private banking institutions globally where senior bankers gladly attend to you upon our recommendation.  

Having a PayPal account means your business can accept credit card payments from customers safely, easily and withdraw to your local bank account. Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

That’s why we have been using PayPal since 2002!

MODETTI® fully complements our main group’s businesses and is highly capable of providing you business assistance from prior to your registration; all the way to subsequent years of your continued business growth.

Like every one of our divisions and entities, MODETTI® is also staffed by well trained personnel, known for friendliness in customer service, high efficiency and corporate competence to assist you professionally.

Whether you are a potential customer or competitor, we welcome you to the MODETTI® way of business. Our group’s success and experience helps in creating advantages for you and your business. Your success is certainly most important as our group motto has always been mutual growth.

We will NEVER sell or share your personal information with external parties, and we DO NOT need to do so please refer to our privacy policy.


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