Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our practice started since 2002.

This is our 21st year, really just helping many types of companies!

We serve thousands of companies. As a recognised Professional Bureau, we need not, will not share client information.

MODETTI® has no hidden fees, no gimmicks, no memes, no tricks.



Our clients like it REAL & CLEAR.


Top 3 questions

So many types of virtual office! Difference is?

Some charge as low as S$2.99 per month.

There are some as high as S$180 per month!

Quite confusing to startups but low cost is always good, right?

Logically, for too low, the provider would not be able to survive for long or even ensure minimum quality service. Often, the actual office is smaller than a room. Hmm, what do you call it? A room that is smaller than a room.

Usually, all the letters are emptied unto a table/ A4 copier box! Anyone can walk in and self service. Address? Likely outside CBD, or in some light industrial areas!

Definitely email notification is short and sweet like ” You have mail! ” Certainly, there’s no ID check, no security, no obligations, no screening of junk mail and simply bare (not zen in this case!). Then it’s possible to charge S$2.99 ~ S$5 per month. Business sense.

For those as high as S$180 per month, you may expect personalized service, 24 hours access to a business lounge, free flow beverages served and often in the penthouse level of major commercial buildings. Downside is cost and you’ll probably need to set aside alot of time, and parking coupons to enjoy all these when you pickup a letter.

But, do you really need all that?

Usually, the flashy address is rather “exposed” or well known, it backfires as your customers easily knowing that you’re using a virtual office service. See the namecards you’ve received.

At MODETTI®, we are grateful to have earned quite a good number of clients from startups to foreign companies. Their happy smiles and growth are priceless, better than rewarding persons for making reviews.

We set the parameters of professional and yet affordable virtual office services. For more than 10 years, we kept to relatively low fees.

We like our work and keep improving it. We are also constantly encouraged by thousands of companies that remain under our care, year on year.

We were the first to do many new and effective measures. introduce stringent ID checks amongst many other conveniences. This means no one can just walk in, mention your company name, and just walk out with all your mail (and internet banking token!).

Both our offices are secured with cameras, and staff are properly trained, experienced. Your mails are reported to you in detail via email (with pic!).

Junk mail is identified, saving your precious time. Important mails are specially reported in more detail.

We’ve been doing it seriously so that it’s really safe, affordable + convenient. Our experience of serving many others like you, allows us to give you what you really need.

Why are there many service providers closing every few months?

A closer look, notice those usually charge un-realistic low rates for a year’s service.

That’s good right? But when they charge way too low, they just cannot survive or pay their bills.

With those prices, they’re either unable to, or would not provide you a proper mail handling/ business service. If they charge too high, they will not get enough customers and they can’t survive too!

MODETTI® is not the cheapest, not expensive at all.

We have been around since 2002, and kept up with a good growth rate record. Slow and steady. (Platinum services launched on 15th July 2007, MODETTI® first HQ at prestigious Liang Seah Street, then One Raffles Place … more clients, more space, more services)

There’s no magic here. Just practicality, experience and knowledge.

We simply provide relevant services that you need, which most providers cannot or will not want to. Simple examples: detailed daily mail descriptions, mail collection by authorised persons only, daily notification by Email, open from 9am till 6pm on weekdays …

Why does MODETTI® welcome comparisons with others?

We don’t want to be complacent.

Past glories and milestones are the past. We’d like to keep learning, updating and that keeps us ahead of the rest. Our true value is in the word MODETTI®, completely forward-thinking.

Competitors are not our enemies, just happen to be in the same market. Many are in fact friendlies!

When they can’t provide a service which we can, they’d often refer us. Vice versa, we refer clients who prefer industrial location offices, serviced offices or anything good that MODETTI® does not provide.

By experience, we learn much. Co-existence = growth together. We don’t give negative remarks on other service providers. We respect they have their ways and means for their own business.

Another reason why we enjoy such popularity, is a simple fact that we welcome comparisons. Everyone compares, right? Negativity or hostilities are not necessary. Go visit more offices, talk to the staff and compare. See the difference!

Sign up services of one that you’re comfortable with. That’s the key.

We rather clients s signup our services one by one, slowly; than be coerced into taking up many services altogether.

MODETTI® really has no sales gimmicks, no tricks and no flashy locks or guarantees which can’t be kept. From our years of experience, it is rewarding when you be REAL and CLEAR with clients.

Trust & Account

What is MODETTI® or MOS?

Both MODETTI® or MOS are popular acronyms for modetti office services.

We discovered that many clients whether local or overseas; enjoyed referring to us via short form. Before we obtained the trademark copyright with Singapore IPOS, clients affectionately referred to us as “MOS”. As our business divisions and sister companies grew, MODETTI® started to represent the entire network.

“modetti” means forward, modern, updated and represents our constant need to share updated information, knowledge and business experience with our clients.

MODETTI® is an accredited Professional Bureau Singapore. Our group of companies are all registered with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), our Singapore Government’s authority firmly regulating all businesses, accounting practices.

Our country is well known worldwide for very tough laws, and enforces extremely stringent regulations as you probably know. On top of stringent regulations, Professional Bureaus are subjected to more scrutiny since we assist and advise companies.

Our firms and services do not have any gimmicks, hidden charges or anything funny/ tricky.

One of the reasons why we remain relevant and useful, serving 3 generations of clients.

MODETTI® maintains proper and real business facilities in 2 central and convenient locations within Singapore financial district. Our group of companies hold valid licenses issued by Singapore Government, maintain credible bank accounts with reputable banks, works closely with the authorities and regulators, always committed against fraud and non-standard business practices by other service providers.

Our first office in 2002 was in Peninsula Plaza, nested in between many small sized law firms and trading companies which referred much happy startups to us. Our humble beginnings are always remembered as with every early client who placed their trust on us and still do today!

In August 2007, our Head Office was established at iconic No. 8, Liang Seah Street. Additional bespoke clients and increased numbers meant we needed more space than the first office in Peninsula Plaza. Liang Seah office was a unique shophouse boutique office environment with its VIP private parking and discreet lift which many clients still recall fondly of!

Shortly next, MODETTI® took over the former office premises of Singapore Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (SVCA) and officially entered the Raffles Place area with our then 3rd office at 14 Robinson Road #08-01A. Today, it is MODETTI® main postal hub and a very active branch office. It processes several hundreds of client mail daily via our experienced and modern-tech methods, well relied upon by many companies here and overseas.

In July 2012, MODETTI® Head Office relocated to an address of even greater prominence and accessibility, at One Raffles Place; a landmark in Singapore often pictured in the skyline.

This is while staying with our 3 offices strategy giving clients good options. It is one of the tallest commercial buildings in Singapore, on top of the Raffles Place MRT, Xchange and linked directly to the underground city and network reaching all the way to Marina Bay Financial Center (MBFC), Raffles Quay and beyond. More than 4 MRT stations are directly accessible, fully sheltered and minutes of walk away.

When we ran out of space and keep getting client feedback about the accessibility, it was time to make things better again. In January 2018, MODETTI® Head Office relocated to quad-larger premises at #44-12 International Plaza. A view to behold, better spaces for clients and staff, abundance of really fresh air and being near to ACRA before they went to Revenue House.

Since October 2022, MODETTI® Head Office is within upgraded business facilities of M Hotel Singapore City Centre; nearer to the sea and inside a known pro-business and professional seminars, conferences location.

Looking at our years and network, we are easily well regarded for consistency in corporate advisory and services. Our strong ability to provide professional and yet flexible services, is supported by our extensive network of business contacts established over the years.

MODETTI® was established as a 1 Stop Business Center, providing affordable services and solutions to our existing and new clients. You may not find the same wide range and level of services/ products, or same complete package, or same nice prices even at many other service providers!

Simply, honesty is our best policy and happy clients are our best advertisements. When you extend/ upgrade your package or refer your friends, all our efforts are worthwhile!

MODETTI® is also very proactive in the prevention of online fraud.

On a number of occasions, our firm had alerted and assisted the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) of our Singapore Police Force in preventing very serious losses nearly incurred by well known brands from their online transactions with consumers.

We are often asked to share our expert anti fraud techniques and processes so that a good balance can be achieved with credible merchants and online consumers.

MODETTI® is a well recognised business services provider in Singapore.

Our strong branding and services support more than four thousand local businesses and companies of various sizes, and not counting the few hundreds of foreign owned corporations that rely heavily on our services day in, day out.

MODETTI® is also well accepted by business communities and maintains corporate memberships with Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI), Singapore Trustees Association (STA), Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA), Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF), Association of Small Medium Enterprises (ASME), International Enterprise Singapore (ieSingapore), Australian Chamber of Commerce (AustCham), French Chamber of Commerce Singapore (FCCS) and many other credible organisations.

MODETTI® enjoys respect and good business repute with many commercial banks such as HSBC, CitiBank, ANZ, OCBC, Standard Chartered, DBS, just to name a few.

These banks willing designate their senior bankers to attend to our clients, much practically anytime and anywhere in Singapore, whenever we issue a professional recommendation.

At moments notice, we share the many conveniences of our known credibility, with our clients who benefit from VVIP, HNWI service and attention.

Safe to use MODETTI® services?

Since beginning of 2007, we have already been officially recognized as a professional Singapore firm specialising in company formation, corporate secretarial and various business services.

We are accorded with Professional ID for ACRA BizFiling, the same level as accorded to reputable and select law firms.

We are empowered to incorporate companies from within 1 day and register businesses within 15 minutes, all without needing your SingPass entry at all. As a professional firm, we are fully empowered to assist you in services available in ACRA premises thus visiting us is easier and faster than queueing up at ACRA office!

As a recognized professional firm, we do not offer slipshod services even though we have low and affordable fees. We DO NOT have gimmicks and will not make promises that are simply impossible just to entice you or your dollars. Clients come to us, signup with us, simply for good reasons and clever decisions. We welcome you to visit us at our Head Office, or call us, or email us to experience the difference of assurance.

At MODETTI® and throughout our group, we exercise care in handling important information about our own clients. Professional discretion is exercised at all times, in all cases. When we provide advice or our consultancy services, we think way ahead and will always provide and explain each and every consequence of the business decisions we suggest. Your growth and success is the ultimate gauge of how professional and apt we have been.

In situations involving high risk decisions and factors surrounding your business, we even recommend you seek further and an expanded view by also getting advice from legal or relevant sources. In all, the view of your trusted consultants can at many times, help you notice areas or details that you may have missed.

See the bigger picture, MODETTI® has been the choice of a nearly a thousand other clients exactly like you.

Everyone is our responsibility and we’re probably the only professional business services provider that has majority of clients extending or upgrading their service packages before expiry. Nobody stays if they’re unhappy. This is just one of the many facts that we’re proud of.

Need to register an online account with MODETTI®?

Since 2007, this is no longer necessary. All you need is to click on the respective service(s) of your choice, then click on the link for more details. When you wish to signup online, just click on the “Can’t Wait, Pay Securely No” icon and make payment securely via credit card/ PayPal, within 3 minutes. If you do not see this icon on the service’s details page, it is a more personalized service that requires us to attend to your signup at MODETTI® office.

You do not need to register any online account with us, and do not need to signup a PayPal account even if you wish to pay securely via credit card. PayPal processes more than 130 million cards worldwide and is at least ten times more secure compared to many other options.

Read more

Did you know MODETTI® is amongst the first few handful of Singapore companies known as proponents of privacy laws here? That was prior the Personal Data Protection Act today. We continue to adhere to PDPC updates and propose improvements actively.

Your personal information when registered with us, is securely kept for our reference use in accurately and properly serving you throughout the duration of the services you paid for. MODETTI® does not process your credit card payments by ourselves too. We do not need your intimate credit card details and prefer not to. The credit card payment processor we use, PayPal is world rated. 130 million users use PayPal worldwide and it’s even safer than you using your credit card when paying for a restaurant meal!

We DO NOT sell or share your personal information with any other party. MODETTI® client account details are secure and central to our >10 years of being trusted, handling trust and basically ensuring it. We extremely dislike spam and un-solicited emails as much as anybody else, and certainly do not conduct illegal activities.

As a accredited Professional Bureau and well known professional firm, our practices are clearly above board and doubtless.

Investors/ franchisees/ resellers welcome?

We’re happy to inform that MODETTI® is self sustained and growing at a comfortable pace. MODETTI® is one of the star performing divisions in our group. Investor enquiries are welcome, and will be considered in detail.

Enquiries about foreign franchise, resellers and potential tie-ups whether local or foreign, are welcome. MODETTI®’s capabilities and experience in fair mutual growth means that we also welcome suggestions from competitors.

We can’t do everything by ourselves, working together with the right partners is the logical way.

Please feel free to email any suggestions, complaints or compliments to us. Any information to us, is treated like a good nugget!

MODETTI® business hours and location?

MODETTI® has 2 offices in Singapore Central Business District (CBD). Established since 2002, we are a well recognized professional firm with a wide range of corporate secretarial, daily live company incorporations and business support services.

A map with clear directions is available here!

For general services such as mail-related, business registration, company incorporation, corporate advisory and secretarial, business support, our business hours are 9am to 6pm on weekdays. Please note that MODETTI® Raffles Place branch office is closed for lunch daily 1-2pm.

For our popular accounting and tax services department, our business hours are 9am to 6pm, weekdays.

MODETTI® Head Office
81, Anson Road,
#08-13, M Hotel Singapore
Singapore 079908.

Take direct lifts from lobby
Open weekdays 9am to 6pm
Accounting & Tax, Advisory, Corporate Secretarial except Virtual Office

MODETTI® Branch Office
14, Robinson Road,
#08-01A, Far East Finance Building,
Singapore 048545.

Open weekdays 9am to 6pm
Closed at lunch 1 to 2pm
Virtual Office, Mail Services Hub, Business Support Services

I am still not sure, who can I contact?

If the FAQ is not ample, you can also send us your questions directly. OR just visit us!

Please contact MODETTI® via email.

When contacting us, please try to be specific in your questions.

To help us reply to your enquiries fast and with as much accuracy as possible, do read the above first. Communication is 2 ways. When sending an email, let us know your name, and specific questions. We will reply in the earliest time!

Otherwise, let’s do it the straightforward way. Call MODETTI® or just visit our offices. It’s not a hassle to visit at all. As always and in any way when contacting us and seeking our advice, there are NO obligations.

Asking is free, harmless and in fact very helpful!

If I wish to compliment your staff for good service, how?

We are already grateful that you consider doing so.

At MODETTI®, its a continued traditional of trying our best and constantly updating our knowledge, upgrading our skills; all so it can benefit you.

We love our clients and because we love what we do, its already a joy being of services to you. Thank you for being our client!

If you may, please send us your kind compliments or feedback over email. For every good we do is always rewarded well in return, by your smile, by the many clients being referred, its awesome so thank you so much!

If I have a complaint, who to reach?

At MODETTI®, we pride ourselves with a tradition of professional service and the sharp ability to offer very cost effective packages/ products and services.

We also welcome compliments, complaints and suggestions for us to improve on. If you feel that there are areas which we should or could have done better, or have performed poorly, please send us a complaint.

We wish to know why you are not satisfied and we would like to improve MODETTI®. Please be as specific as possible so that we can look into it and improve.

Service Definitions

Definition of mail, packages, parcels?

MODETTI® is one of the very few professional mail handling firms in Singapore which are willing to accept a variety of mails, packages and certain parcel sizes on behalf of our clients. In our practice, we do prescribe to international standards of service and these are the definitions of various types of what is accepted:

: generally referring to letters and small packages that fit into standard mailboxes/ postboxes and are not bulky. To Singapore Post, our national postal service, these are classified as standard mail and easily portable. Most of the time, it would contain documents and papers, thus may or may not even require declaration of value.

: generally referring to non standard mail that is either in envelope or softly boxed. Packages will usually weigh less than 5.0 kilograms and each will often not exceed the width and depth of a piece of A4 paper, for reference. Instead of documents or papers, packages often contain item(s) and can be of irregular shapes. For sending such non standard mail or packages, every postal/ courier service will require a declaration of the value of its contents and details or descriptions.

: generally referring to non standard mail that is strongly boxed. For example, parcel can be a regular watch box, or a carton box that weighs less than 10.0 kilograms. For sending such parcels, every postal/ courier service will require a declaration of the value of its contents clearly, and details or descriptions.

What is the storage capacity provided?

MODETTI® is not a storage or warehousing facility.

We provide commercial services but not industrial services. MODETTI® handles mostly mails and our services are primarily to assist our business clients with their mails and occasional small packages.

We are also limited by space constraints and particularly so, as we serve thousands of clients, with easily several hundreds of letters passing through our processing daily!

It is only out of willingness to help clients that we may accept larger items and help to hold mails or packages or certain parcel sizes up to a certain period of time if space and conditions are permissible.

This extra willingness is not be to mistaken as a storage or warehousing facility. For suitable storage or warehousing facilities in Singapore, please visit StorHub ( or ExtraSpace (

For client convenience and simplicity, we adopted the international standard of calculating combined space area taken, via volume in cubic centimeters (cm3). This is easily calculated when you have in centimetres (cm), the Width X Depth X Height of each parcel, and add the grand totals per parcel altogether. Please take note that we are not a storage or warehousing facility, we reserve the rights to reject acceptance of goods or items that clearly exceed our capacity.

Cubic Volume / Area space of per parcel = Width X Depth X Height in centimeters (cm) = total cm3

click here for online calculator

For example, if you have 2 parcels, W15cm x D15cm x H5cm (1125 cm3) and W6cm x D12cm x H15cm (1080 cm3), then the total volumetric space of both is only 2205 cm3!

For our clients on any existing International Mail Concierge service, we may accept a combination of mail/ packages/ parcels which does not take up more than 20,000 cm3 of area space, and may hold this for until the last day of the service validity. This is significantly more than what any other service provider will willingly allow as this means a large space will be set aside to hold one or more items which is part of this whole area space. Should the total space exceed this already generous allowance, the excess items need to be collected or forwarded out within 14 business days from the date of receipt.

For our clients on existing International Mail Forward service that is at least 1 year, we may accept a combination of mail/ packages/ parcels which does not take up more than 15,000 cm3 of area space, and may hold this for a maximum number of 14 days by which it should be collected or forwarded to the client by then.

As a recognised anti-fraud prevention, this exception is not applicable for 6 Months International Mail Forward service. By means of this allowance, it is significantly more than what any other service provider will allow as this means a large space will be set aside to hold one or more items which is part of this whole area space.

Should the total space exceed this already generous allowance, the excess items must be collected or forwarded out within 7 business days from the date of receipt.

For our clients on existing Business/ Personal Mailing Address service that is for at least 1 year, we may accept a combination of mail/ packages which does not take up more than 6,500 cm3 of area space, and may hold this for a maximum number of 7 days by which it should be collected or forwarded (if a local mail forwarding service is subscribed to) out to the client by then.

The service is for mainly mail. As such, maximum weight we may hold anytime is not exceeding 3 kgs (kilogrammes).

By means of these allowances, it is significantly more than what any other service provider will willingly allow as this means a very HUGE space committment considering the number of companies we serve.

Should the total space exceed this generous allowances, MODETTI® shall politely decline the further receipt or collection of new mail and the excess items must be collected or forwarded out within 3 business days from the date of receipt.

As a fair measure, this helps ensure that our willingness will not be mistaken as storage or warehousing facility which will easily charge 6 times of our low fees, just to allow storage of items that take up such space.

As standard industry practice, we cannot accept or help to hold anything containing contraband, items that are considered flammable/ combustible/ radioactive and or are generally illegal in Singapore.

Does MODETTI® accept shipments, goods or cargo?

MODETTI® is neither a storage facility nor a freight forwarder. We are not providing industrial services and are not equipped with forklifts or warehousing manpower. We may accept “manageable sized” shipments on behalf of our clients, provided that these are not cargo type or palletized shipment and that they are collected or forwarded out quickly based on the above guidelines on storage and holding.

Generally, if the goods or shipment are “manageable sized”, that would mean it can still be easily lifted and moved by an average sized office lady who weighs less than 55kgs. By providing our friendly and efficient mail handling and re-direction services, this has to be highlighted because only commercial services are provided within our offices, which are staffed by office personnel.

We are glad to consider any such requests especially from Singapore registered businesses and companies since collection can be swiftly arranged.

Please note that we are under no obligations to accept or store goods. Kindly contact us in advance if you foresee such shipments reaching our offices and we may assist you as much as possible. In addition to accepting “manageable sized” shipments where possible, we may receive and sign for goods and shipments especially for Singapore registered businesses and companies.

MODETTI® can forward my mails locally or overseas?

Yes, we do and we have local and international mail forwarding services and various options too.

You may find out the details here ( MODETTI® has the lowest fees since we base calculations on weight, rather than number of letters/ packages or parcels.

Our fees are typically 80% lower versus other professional mail forwarding services, but we do seem to be favourites judging by the numbers of international clients we support in more than 30 countries, since 2002!

To have your mails forwarded overseas, please consider signing up either the International Mail Forward service, or the International Mail Concierge Service.

These two services are quite different as International Mail Concierge means you will be assigned a senior executive of MODETTI®, and enjoy personalised concierge services above normal taking of instructions for forwarding preferences and changes. Mails can be opened at instruction, read or faxed or scanned and emailed to you in detail, alongside with taking your instructions on the handling/ deposit of cheques or records.

Open mails and report to me?

Yes, we may do so under your specific instructions if you signed up for either one of these services:

a) The Prepaid Postage Account (PPA) which can be started with either S$50 or S$100, works like a e-wallet, OR

b) The International Mail Concierge service which is available in either 6 Months or 1 Year.

As a known Professional Bureau and one of the top service providers in Singapore, our stringent preservation and protection of client privacy is very well known.

With International Mail Concierge service, it means you will be assigned a senior executive of MODETTI® who shall discreetly handle your mails per your preferences.

Via this service, our clientele currently includes very well known and famous persons, international celebrities and foreign dignitaries amongst others who appreciate business class services.

Can I upgrade my service package halfway?

Yes, more than 60% of our clients do that!

We’re glad that everyone is happy with our services and naturally know that it’s safe and reliable to upgrade or add-on more. We do know that many service providers impose strict rules about change of package and details, and at MODETTI®, we do feel that it’s strangely needless when the client is upgrading.

When you intend to upgrade your package, we know that you must be satisfied and very happy with the service provider. It may be profitable to them since you will have to “restart” a brand new package but we do not do so here. If you are happy to upgrade, just drop us an email OR give us a call.

We’ll be happy to tell you that you can just top up the difference when upgrading to a higher priced package. Good news, you need not pay for any administrative charges or fees to upgrade, and certainly you DO NOT need to “restart” your package!

S$20 eVoucher for Signups of Virtual Office Mailing Address Services

1. eVoucher is valid for 1 year from date of issue, good for one-time redemption only.

2. eVoucher is a unqiue code, issued at first activation email to registrant email address.

3. eVoucher is not transferrable, and is strictly redeemable by the same client account as invoiced.

4. eVoucher is not refundable or exchangeable for cash. It is a perk, saving that client is not paying for.

5. eVoucher is redeemable to offset S$20 off any of 20+ call/ phone/ fax services listed at Call Answering Fax2email.

6. eVoucher must be redeemed with presentation of original ID of registrant, showing email printout/ screen on mobile.

7. If eVoucher code is misplaced/ forgotten, it will be sent to registrant email or email of payor.

8. MODETTI® reserves the rights to amend terms and conditions without prior notice.

Payment Related

Payment is in SGD$ or?

Please pay us safely and easily in Singapore Dollars (S$). If you are foreigner or a foreign company seeking our services here in Singapore, we accept very convenient international payment methods such as through major credit cards ( Visa/ MasterCard/ Amex / PayPal account ) and also via world banking methods such as Wire Transfer/ Telegraphic Transfer.

We may also accept payment via Western Union Money Transfer but you would need to furnish more details to us as Western Union Money Transfer to Singapore cannot be claimed by corporate entity, it is only addressed to individuals. We will need to furnish you our authorized officer’s details and shall expect a reasonable 5% handling fee on top of the exact amount payable.

Is it easy to signup services with MODETTI®?

You can signup our services easily by clicking on the “Can’t Wait, Pay Securely Now” button. It’s instant credit card payment and entire transaction is secure. Normally, you will receive a swift response to you via email within 2 business hours after your successful payment.

After receiving your payment, your services or packages are immediately activated. This means you can ORDER ANYTIME, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

If you prefer to signup and pay at either one of our offices, please visit us between 9am to 6pm from Mondays to Fridays.

How do I pay?

Payments can be easily arranged by the options most convenient to you.

We advise you via email swiftly, if you request our suggestions. We are a foremost 1 Stop Business Centre and we aim to minimize wait time. Therefore, we only recommend professionally; easy and safe payment methods. Naturally, choose the one that is most convenient to you!

Simply click on the links provided in the payment options page to find out more at anytime.

There’s really no rush because we have been around for a long time and will continue to. We have alot of services to interest you and your company!

You are most welcome to contact our friendly staff. We are able to advise you correctly, simply because there would have been many other clients like you that we have already served before.

Do you support secure payment methods?

Yes, we certainly do. When you setup a funds transfer via your own bank’s internet banking system, the entire transaction is extremely secure and is between your bank and ours. eg. Your DBS/ POSB/ UOB/ OCBC account and our OCBC corporate accounts.

You can do secure funds transfer from any of all the major banks here in Singapore; such as: DBS/ POSB/ UOB/ OUB/ OCBC/ HSBC/ MayBank/ Citibank/ Standard Chartered/ ABN AMRO.

Payment via major credit cards are processed securely by PayPal is the World’s No. 1 online secure payment processor, used by a whopping 130 million people worldwide in more than 60 countries!

All other methods such as International Wire Transfer [T/T] and Western Union Money Transfer, are known secure payment methods though offline and requiring a simple visit to the bank/ Western Union outlet. These are ideal especially when you are outside Singapore and intend to start a business in our country.

Who actually processes my order?

Only MODETTI® staff will have access to any details of your account and order details. Refer to our Privacy Policy. MODETTI® Group has a very strict policy towards protecting all the information and interests of our every client. We have very clear and safe work procedures covering many situations.

Our authorized personnel will process your online signup, send you payment details and assist you towards payment. Remember, we are a Professional Bureau, and are not a small shop/ 1 person operation.

Can I signup via phone/ fax/ email?

Yes for some services, you may order online ANYTIME 24 hours day, or visit us at MODETTI® Office near you, Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 6pm. Please send us an email first. Let us understand which services you need and assist you accordingly.

Will you acknowledge my payment?

Yes, we certainly will. If you make payment online via credit card/ PayPal, you can expect an email from MODETTI® within 2 business hours. The email provides you the details of your signup and we complete the form-filling part via that email very easily!

Furthermore, billing in the form of an official invoice from us; will clearly show the service(s) which you or your company is paying for. Invoice also includes our ACRA registration numbers. Our invoice is an official document, which you may claim as your corporate expenses and be accounted for.

Despite supporting thousands of companies, we are still staffed by humans. Humans answer your enquiries, help you plan, process your signup, send payment details and also email to notify you of mails. In the payment acknowledgement email, we also advise effective date of service package. Order does not end at payment here!

Why is my signup declined?

Under normal circumstances, we certainly do not decline any signups. After all, we are open for business and any business is welcome. However, Singapore is a strict country with tough laws and jurisdiction.

There may be certain cases whereby we are prevented from providing you professional services due to any legal implications or under instruction from our local law enforcement agency; we would have to decline the order and suggest a suitable alternative for you. Honesty has always been our policy, it is not to the good of any party to take up your order if we know that we cannot serve you properly as we should.

As a credible service provider, we may decline a signup and perform an immediate refund if the applicant has provided us wrongful info intentionally, or is in a trade not acceptable to use our services. There are international celebrities and VVIPs who use certain of our services and many have signed extra cover packages to ensure the address is for an exclusive clientele.

Register Company/ Business

Register first with MODETTI® or ACRA?

ACRA stands for the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore.
This is our Singapore Government’s regulatory body on all businesses, companies and corporate entities. You can go to ACRA first, or come to us first for advice and also have your business registered directly from our premises. Either way, both parties are necessary to get your business started.

To start a business, one would need to register with ACRA and also seek approval for use of the business name you desire; and also the business activities you intend to conduct. ACRA allows online registrations via BizFile. If you’ve never done it before, you can register it smoothly from our office with our assistance.

Since 2007, we are a recognized professional firm which is accorded the exclusive Professional ID access. We are empowered to register your business or incorporate your company, or perform many ACRA transactions WITHOUT needing your SingPass at all.

This access is usually accorded only to law firms and selective professional firms. This also means that coming to us is easier and faster than figuring out with ACRA.

We have and are always helping clients to register their business online from our MODETTI® Head Office. Save yourself all the hassles, come to us to get everything done within minutes!


What documents/ info do I need?

You need to have your NRIC/ Passport/ FIN Card ready, have already decided the top 3 choices for your business name, primary business address(s), intended business activities and relevant Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) codes.

It does seem to be quite a lot of hassle especially if you try to do it yourself. In most cases, you spend more than 1 hour and can get confused easily because every choice has grave consequences. If without professional help or advice, you waste time, money and give rise to consequences that you are not prepared for!

So, for a peace of mind, just visit MODETTI® office and let’s have everything done effortlessly for you.

For incorporation of Singapore Private Limited company, we have the daily experience of incorporating more than 30 types and variations of companies, and serve law firms, embassies and even shops which offer incorporation services.


Do I need a licence for my business?

That really depends your intended business activities and Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) code. Some business activities are restricted here in Singapore. Every country has different sets of corporate laws and jurisdiction. It is very important that you are aware of any implications or licence requirements PRIOR to registering your business with ACRA.

In the eyes of the laws, ignorance does not mean you are exempted from any consequences. You can seek information online, or get our assistance directly at the MODETTI® Head Office, we’ll guide you to solve everything altogether.


How long does it take for approval?

As a professional firm recognized by ACRA, we incorporate companies from within 1 hour onwards, and NO SingPass required at all. We enjoy professional firm login and access beyond average user.

For Singapore company incorporation, it takes anytime from within 1 business hour onwards.

For registration of business firm such sole proprietorship/ partnerships, we usually take less than 15 minutes and do on the spot, again without your SingPass entry.

With original NRIC is sighted, we are professionally empowered to assist you fully in your registration/ incorporation matters.


Can you help me seek funding?

Yes, to a certain extent. Actually, funding is readily available from almost too many sources. Open up the newspaper classifieds section and you can find many advertisers coarsely exclaiming to provide you “friendly business loans” at little returns or simply too good to be true deals. Stay away unless you know and are able to handle the consequences by getting funding from these sources.

Besides that, many of our local banks such as UOB, DBS and Citibank frequently send mailers about their SME loans and packages. These are more secured and safer sources of funding. However, your business viability, current and new business plans together with your current capital/ assets will all have to be opened up for levels of discussion with the designated banker.

When you take up our business coaching service(s), our consultant will explain the pros and cons of available funding sources and help you find the one most ideal for your new business or continuity. You do not need to hit the high waves without preparation! For suitable businesses, we are even in a position to help find you the type of patient investors everyone desires!


Virtual Office

What is a Virtual Office?

Well, it simply means you “rent” the business address and enjoy the suite of services which you may choose from the virtual office provider. You do not need to pay the hefty rental but can yet enjoy having your “office” in the prestigious city area. At MODETTI®, for a fee as low as only S$9 per month, you impress your clients and business associates by owning a business address without having to pay the rental, overheads, staff salaries, office equipment and a whole lot of expenses!

Taking a virtual office package is an excellent way to cut down risks and expenses when starting a business. With the business address, you can use it as a registered business address (or your registered office address) when you register with ACRA.

You may also use the business address on your name cards, business letterheads, rubber stamps, envelopes, any mailings and greeting cards, etc.

Yes, you may even use it to open a bank account, apply for government grants, use it on any official documentations. Virtual Office services are a range of professional business support solutions suitable for both emerging entrepreneurs and established businesses. You really do not need to rent an office for S$1,500 per month, pay 2-3 months deposit and also electricity/ phone bills just to make use of a nice business address!

In Singapore, it is illegal to operate a business without a proper registration with ACRA. And to register with ACRA, you are required to have a place of business, preferably a commercial address although currently you may use your residential address (be prepared for a long process to seek approval from HDB/ URA for private apartments or landed).

Furthermore, it’s never advisable to use your personal residential address for business. It’s not practical and there are quite a lot of consequences and inconveniences you may have to put up with. Using a virtual office is always a much cheaper solution than leasing an office space.

By simple estimation, a virtual office helps you save more than 80% of the startup costs. Well, unless you are looking to lease a very small 150 sqft CBD office (2 tables) that going for at least S$7 per sqft right now.



What's my potential savings using your services?

Well, you’re going to save ALOT of money by using a virtual office. Let’s take simple sums here. Imagine that you have to get a decent 150 sqft office in the CBD area with at least a receptionist. Well 150 sqft means 2 tables is already the maximum!

Here’s the very bare minimum you may end up spending for the first year:

• At least 2 months rental deposit = S$600 x 2
• 150 sqft. office rental = S$600 x 12
• Renovation, Carpets & Furnishing = S$5,000
• 2 Office Tables, Chairs = S$450
• 1 Office Receptionist = S$1,500 x 12
• 1 Business Phone & Fax Line = S$50 x 12
• 1 Business Broadband Service = $150 x 12
• Singapore Power bills = S$50 x 12
Total = S$34,850 !

Instead of paying a hefty $34,850, why not just pay less than S$500 a year, enjoy almost everything similar? Immediately save yourself almost S$34,350!! This amount of savings can be put to better use as your business capital buying more goods or just keeping it around!



Different types of virtual offices?

There are quite a number of virtual office service providers throughout Singapore. To be fair, you can really choose between many different levels of service and price packages.

First, there are those who offer cut-throat and quite unbelievably low rates but are situated at really inconvenient places. The services would be just “non-existent”! Just ask to visit them and you will see for yourself, normally a dingly 1 room with everyone’s mail strewn across the table! Truly self service.

The second category is moderate, where you can normally enjoy the best of both reasonable fees + proper service standards/ privacy safeguards. Most of the service providers in this category are situated in CBD, and have some acceptable standards of handling your mail, notifying you and making sure that it is secure and your personal details are not shared. The fees for 1 year are typically from S$99 ~ S$200 accordingly.

Lastly, you have the third category, grandiose type of service providers. They rent and occupy prime penthouse levels in iconic skyscrapers, provide you endless supply of tea or coffee whenever you collect your mail, and have artful lounges to seat you. The fees for just 1 month, are typically equivalent to 1 year of the 2nd category! Normally from S$100 ~ S$600 per month depending on location, services.

In our opinion, the service fees you pay for these; are almost what you spend on having your own physical office in any CBD area. Prices range from S$400 onwards for simple business registration and mailing address, with many “luxuries” thrown in. Beyond the normal, you may also enjoy usage of a very posh lounge, 24 hours access and getting greeted by very pretty receptionists…If you do not need a very impressive (almost unbelieveable) address such as the penthouse unit of any large commercial buildings here in Singapore, this is something you will need.

MODETTI® belongs to the second category, you can say a mid range where you truly enjoy the best of both worlds. We speak and communicate fluently in English, have enterprising business ideas and can help contribute to your business growth. As an entrepreneur, do look out for “incubators” or encouraging people who can offer guidance.

At MODETTI®, we picked up experiences and knowledge through the raw way of doing business and encountering various business opportunities. We are in a position to share these valuable expertise with you, beyond providing you the support services. Stay earthed, aim high and grow it steadily.



Mail collection/ forwarding process?

When you have taken up our services which start from the basic registration and mailing address, your business address can be at MODETTI® branch office:

Your Name
14, Robinson Road, #08-01A,
Far East Finance Building,
Singapore 048545.

You may collect your mail conveniently between 9am to 6pm, Mondays to Fridays, please note that the office is closed during lunch from 1 to 2pm.

Not driving? Just ride the MRT train to Raffles Place MRT Station and you are sheltered all the way to our Robinson Road branch.

Furthermore, we safeguard your privacy and mail. We have encountered cases where possibly private investigators or concerned friends/ relatives have attempted to collect mail for our client without prior permission.

At other virtual office providers, stealing your mail can be VERY easy because anyone can walk in their office, say they’re collecting mail for your company and their staff will usually hand over the mail. Right, no checks at all!

For collection of your mails, we will politely request to verify the Easy Collection Code (ECC) we issued to your account.

This is to ensure that only you, or someone sent by you, can collect your mail. An important security safeguard as ECC is only known to authorised personnel of each client.

If you take up our mail forwarding service(s), all the letters and parcels addressed to you and your company are received and then re-mailed to any local destination address you desire. You may also contact us if you have a foreign destination address. We receive and sort out the mail for you and your company leaves a much more professional image.

Generally, domestic mail delivery by Singapore Post takes between 2-4 business days or slightly longer when it is during or near public holidays. For parcels, it takes between 3-5 business days as they are screened. If using a foreign destination address for our mail forwarding service(s), we can ship via Speedpost Worldwide Courier ( average 2-5 business days ), Singapore Post Registered Airmail ( average 8-15 business days ) and also via DHL Air Express overnight ( average 1-3 business days ).

This is a market standard. If in the case whereby the sender of your mail forgets to state or just scribbles the name wrongly, we will try our best human logic to decipher the hints or contact the sender if he or she is in Singapore.



What if my customers visit the office?

MODETTI® has >18 years of experience on these. Our personnel will politely inform them that you are currently out of office and would relay their message to you. It will be nicely handled and be of no ill bearing or embarrassment to your business. Your customers would be happy with the politeness and we will immediately inform you of their visit as well.



External/ Government info?

Anytime! Singapore Government has a wealth of resources and information to simplify the process of registering your business. There are also many entrepreneur friendly sites and forums. Start by visiting



Register of Controllers, Nominee Directors

What is it about? All these RORC ...

Since 13th March 2017, every Singapore registered company has to comply with these new requirements.

Whether yours is an older company or a recent one, you would have received ACRA notice sent to registered address of every Singapore company and LLP.

If for any reason you haven’t checked your company letters, here’s that notice.

You may also read the detailed sections at ACRA official site.

As you read, these additional 2 registers are not part of statutory records.

ACRA requires them for anti-money laundering (AML) and counter funding of terrorism (CFT). It serves as a source of ready information for ACRA, and every government agency that may use of these data when visiting/ contacting the company. Those active agencies and stat boards are CAD, MAS, CID, SPF, CNB, MOM, ICA, IRAS…

These 2 registers and information are NOT meant for the public.

ACRA has further clarified that information in these registers are also NOT open to auditors, shareholders, or staff of the company.

It’s main purpose is for the Singapore authorities.


What do I have to do?

Read the law first, understand ACRA’s directive and requirements.

1) Decide whether (A) or (B),

(A) means the director(s) will do and store these registers at the company registered address. If the registered address is with MODETTI®, there is just a low service fee to safekeep the sealed registers in our premises, OR

(B) means to engage an ACRA Licensed Registered Filing Agent (RFA) like MODETTI® to entirely manage and store them. Our fees for doing it all with your input, is just low if the company has MODETTI® company secretary service ongoing. If not, we have to review the request or fees start from market rates.

2) Inform your company secretary where these registers will be kept, sign the official ACRA declaration form so it can be filed during yearly Annual Returns (AR) submission.

3) Ensure that no matter which option; the 2 extra registers must be done per templates given by ACRA, updated frequently and really stored at the declared location. Remember the legal requirement to furnish the records within 48 hours!


Whose duty is it to prepare, maintain those registers?

ACRA stated it is the duty of the company, its directors, shareholders and any named/ un-named Controllers who have to ensure this requirement is complied with.

MODETTI® stepped in to help because we found service providers profiteering, giving untrue information creating even more confusion. Many charge from S$200 onwards per response, and still post stacks of paper (>6 pages) to each person, expecting manual forms completed within days, or just drag on.

Actually, things are not that complicated afterall. We worked out a more efficient system of using electronic form, simplified and only to help our own clients under the care of MODETTI® Company Secretary who enjoy a special rate to engage MODETTI® as the ACRA Licensed Registered Filing Agent (RFA).

Paying a token fee is simple. However, we can’t just create responses ourselves. Persons responsible for the registers need to respond to us promptly, so we may help create the respective registers.


What is a Controller? What’s all these for?

Controller can be anyone has influence in operational, decision making aspects of a company. The person can be a director, or a shareholder, or both, or even someone who is not even named in the ACRA records.

Or read the detailed sections at ACRA official site


I’m too busy. What happens if I don’t respond?

Yes, aren’t we all? Hence, we created this section and that’s why you’re reading this.

We hope you read the ACRA notice. This was enacted as part of the Companies Act. It is a law, to be compiled with. It is an offence if not complied with.

To help our own clients, we gone to the extent of creating the simplified online form which can be completed easily using a smartphone in few minutes. That beats filling up the manual forms more than 6 pages, and still having to post it back.

It doesn’t make sense for anyone to resist/ not comply with it.


Why should I fill up your online form?

We created it purely to help our clients comply if engaging MODETTI® separately as the ACRA Licensed RFA to prepare, maintain and store these 2 registers.

Alternatively, you may fill up the original ACRA forms and maintain your own registers and records.

See them here. Or if you have more time, sift through the comprehensive sections at ACRA official site.


Where does my response go to?

We first help companies under our care.

If you submitted the online form we did, it goes to MODETTI® Corporate Secretarial Department. Once we receive payment and response from most officers/ persons related to the company under our care, we start preparing the registers.

If you send us the completed manual forms via hand/ post, it goes to the same preparation of the registers if possible.


What if I respond, but other director/ shareholder doesn’t?

ACRA requires each person to respond/ complete the forms for himself/ herself. The other directors, or shareholders who comply, will not be held responsible for those who don’t.

It’s baffling why anyone would, but please forward the url of our online form to the others, remind or nag them to comply for everyone’s sake, right?

ACRA considers it an offence, and it’s clearly worded in the Companies Act.


May I ask my Company Secretary from MODETTI® for more details?

Sure. It’s not an obligation or included in company secretary service but we’re happy to paste the official ACRA links so you read and make an informed decision.

For those on MODETTI® practising, basic and chartered Company Secretary service, please note each meeting is based on the table of extraordinary services.

Those who have MODETTI® Professional Company Secretary service, we may meet in person/ via Skype. Just call +65 61002086 during our business hours, say your company name to book earliest meeting, or simply email.

Before the meeting, please read up on the ACRA notice again. It’s in your best interests to know and understand, comply with the regulator. Right?


How does the register look like? Any template?

Please read the detailed sections at ACRA official site.


My company secretary is not MODETTI®. They don't know what to do. Can you help?

Yes, you’re not alone.

Many are switching to us due to such problems.

Let’s see how MODETTI® may help you with our clearly better support and knowledge. Any company under our care will tell you that compliance to ACRA is not expensive or complicated.

Please contact us via email with your LLP/ company name, otherwise just visit MODETTI® Head Office during our business hours. Let’s work out how to help you.


If I signed your registered address service, can you help us do or keep the registers?

ACRA requires all Singapore LLPs and companies to prepare, maintain and keep these registers (LLP only Register of Controllers) at its registered office, or the office of the Registered Filing Agent engaged for this purpose.

It’s not part of the mailing address/ registered address service. However, we have started to help request cases for just a token fee to safekeep the registers so you may comply with ACRA.


Please contact us via email with your LLP/ company name, let’s work out how to help you.

CorpPass/ SingPass

What's CorpPass and SingPass?

Section being updated with latest info to share with you.

Company Secretary

What is a Company Secretary?

Section being updated with latest info to share with you.

Nominee Director/ Shareholder

What's a nominee director?

Section being updated with latest info to share with you.

MODETTI® Platinum

Whats this MODETTI® Platinum thing?

Section being updated with latest info to share with you.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Your IVR, same as the banks?

Section being updated with latest info to share with you.

Prepaid Postage Account (PPA)

Whats a PPA, how does it help me?

Prepaid Postage Account (PPA) is an add-on to your existing mailing address service.

It works like a simple deposit, takes care of micro payments as when you need. For example, it pays for micro charges such as when you need us to open & scan just 1 particular letter; or example if you need us to deposit a cheque for you or pay courier/ shipping fees on your behalf to say DHL.

PPA is your best friendly e-wallet whether starting at S$30, or S$50 or S$100, its up to you. Service fee is one-time just S$2.50, covers processing costs. If you don’t use your PPA, the base amount still exists as a credit you can conveniently utilise when you need!

Should you decide to end this add-on or conveniences somehow, balance is returned to you after verifying no outstanding/ due payments and applied service fee.

Scan25, Document Scanning

What's Scan25, do I need it?

Scan25 is a convenient document scanning, handling service by MODETTI®.

It’s a affordable but important service, created since 2016 due to SME client requests, when more businesses and companies start to digitalise their records.

Examples are law firms which have piles and piles of old but important data such as case files and folders often stacked often from the floor, and trading companies with huge piles of financial records they are required to safekeep due to GST. Who has the time and equipment to scan so many records and handle them well for a good low rate?

MODETTI® uses professional document scanning equipment that captures OCR, contrasts with processes and results that meet electronic document legibility. Scanned records are securely saved and handled. Paper records that are cleared, get disposed off safely if needed.

As a known professional corporate services group, we handle every document with the same high standards and integrity as of our own and that of MNC clients too.

We view such “demanded services” as why-not and our SME-friendly rates make us busy scanning alot of docsfor clients daily.

Companies for sale

Is this legit? Seriously?

Yes, legit, safe and we do it properly.

First, know that MODETTI® is not brokers, not middlemen, not agents and not out for a commission fee whatsoever.

Second, we do have good control, knowledge and often ownership of the companies we have for sale. Most of them are companies incorporated with MODETTI®, placed under our prolonged care where we handle their secretarial, accounting and tax and possibly also operational and management aspects.

Our list is a properly curated one. We don’t have questionable cases and we never have any interest in offering or making deals with unclear parties too.

For any interested parties, we do have our requirements to meet and understand expectations, budget in person.

MODETTI® Accounting & Tax

What are your accounting and tax services?

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What's this BOX service?

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CITY Lockers Storage

City lockers are for what?

Section being updated with latest info to share with you.


I am still not sure, who can I contact?

If the FAQ is not ample, you can also send us your questions directly. OR just visit us!

Please contact MODETTI® via email.

When contacting us, please try to be specific in your questions.

To help us reply to your enquiries fast and with as much accuracy as possible, do read the above first. Communication is 2 way. When sending an email, let us know your name, and specific questions. We will reply in the earliest time!

Otherwise, let’s do it the straightforward way. Call MODETTI® or just visit our Head Office. It’s at Level 8 of M Hotel City centre, the business hotel with an adorable bull at its lobby. Located very near Tanjong Pagar MRT, extremely convenient and since we’re open from 9am till 6pm on weekdays. It’s not a hassle to visit at all. As always and in any way when contacting us and seeking our advice, there are NO obligations.

Asking is free, harmless and in fact very helpful!

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