Planning to do business in Singapore or get a Singapore mailing address? You’re in the right place, at the right time.

We know what you need, can provide you with a reliable service and you can pay easily from anywhere in the world. We serve clients of various sizes, worldwide since 2002.

Welcome to M.O.S International services.

International Services  

Singapore PR Consultation
  • Just S$900 for professional advice
  • Saves you time with our assessment
  • Assist you to decide which SPR type
  • Helps you concentrate application

Singapore PR Application
  • Includes 1hr Consultation session
  • Advice you on necessary documents
  • Assist you in the application process
  • Significantly increase your success

EntrePass Application Assistance
  • Pre-Application Entrepass Advice
  • Discuss, prepare the Business Plan
  • Highlight the neccessary concerns
  • Submit your EntrePass application

Prepaid Postage Account, Credit S$50
  • PPA Account Credit of S$50
  • For Mail Scanning/ Forwarding/ Misc
  • All charges and billings accountable
  • Balance refundable at service end