Business Strategy Advisory = MODETTI® Platinum

Want + or ± ?

Your decisions, always make the difference. So, be better advised, or not.


You know you can achieve more with help. Right help.

Tell me, why do I need this from you?

Actually you don’t if you’re not on this page.

Sorry we don’t and wouldn’t have to hardsell/ upsell or try entice your signup. Not salespeople and we know our strength as good advisors well. Time is better spent on actual progress, helping decision makers coping with so much expectations.

Fact is, this Platinum Advisory service existed since 2006, quietly and exclusively for a select group of MODETTI® clients. It’s not new, no gimmick(s) and we’ve done this well enough to make it work fair both ways.

You, aka the Decision Maker, gets supported by good suggestions, opinions and advice from experienced one. Value for assurance. You gain a winning edge, better assured of each decision you make, and we can go help more needy non-profits in return (MODETTI® helps several).

Of course you may ask us questions by email to gauge if the advisor is a good fit before signing up.

We’re pretty good at advising c-suite, will be happy to assess further.




More details about the services will be updated here soon.

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