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By Section 201 of the Companies Act, directors of Singapore companies are responsible for financial statements complying with Accounting Standards (FRS). Every Singapore company must keep proper books and records, accountable to ACRA, IRAS, the shareholders and yourself.


Can you cope? Accounts prepared correctly?

Doing business is never easy, but it doesn’t mean you have to learn and do everything.

As you focus on business, our accounting professionals help you with your company’s accounts, tax and payroll matters.

A Peace of Mind, not worrying about IRAS!

Based on your current processes, our experienced accountants advise you on improvements to SIMPLIFY yet be accurate.

It’s also affordable as clients often say. Our fees start from just S$800 per 1 whole year!

When you think it’s time to get on CLOUD ACCOUNTING, we help you transition gradually to avoid disruptions.

If you’re going on Quickbooks Online (applicable for grant), we can quickly configure it for you to use easily!


The Old Way

The Easier Way

1. The receipts, invoices and statements pile up over months. Scary.

2. After solving other business issues, you face this mountain. Spend many more hours (or days) to sort it out.

3. All the bulky files are sent to your book-keeper. Your work is disrupted since records aren’t with you.

4. She calls you repeatedly, asking this faded receipt is for what, that crumpled invoice paid to whom…..

But all the files are there with her, how would you know? Annoying and helpless.

5. The haunting continues. Suddenly, this Book-keeper finalises all, sends a draft urging you to sign quickly. Thrilling end?

6. You sign and still don’t know if it’s accurate, what else you need to know or do. It’s forever a mystery?

7. Unless payment, you don’t hear from the person until another dreaded run above repeats again!

You probably wonder.

Hmm, how to improve your business if this carries on?

1. Snap a pic of each receipt once you receive, upload auto to the cloud. Easy!

2. Share the cloud folder with MODETTI® accountant. It’s secure, clearer and IRAS encourages it.

3. We sort them for you while preparing accounts. No business disruptions. Records are with you and also in cloud.

4. We propose meeting (in person/ Skype) discussing state of accounts, guide you on claimable expenses….

Basically, we answer your queries and concerns. Don’t be shy.

5. As your Tax Agent, we complete your tax submissions. There’s paper trail, records remain at your fingertips!

Business is war.
Time is precious.

Use the freed time to discuss with us, plan for next financial year!


Or if you’re spending much time doing your own accounts, help yourself. Contact us at ac6@modetti.com
SME friendly, Affordable,
experienced outsourced accountants for medium sized companies, supports subsidiaries of MNCs.

MODETTI® Accounting & Tax Services Dept offers a COMPREHENSIVE range of accounting, bookkeeping and tax related services for your Singapore company, whether new start-up, or group holdings.

We provide better accounting and related services such as:

•  Full set accounts on monthly, quarterly or year basic
•  Group consolidation and preparation of annual reports
•  Prepare financial reporting packages, xBRL for management
•  Bank and other account reconciliation and audit schedules
•  Analysis of financial position, explain reports to you
•  Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) onsite or remotely
•  GST advisory, preparation and quarterly e-filing
•  Preparation of IRAS ECI, Form C/ C-S, tax computations
•  CPF, Payroll and IR8A services for your employees
•  General accounts filing, preparation and process controls
•  Improvements to your current accounting procedures
•  Recommend suitable auditor if necessary

Like many others, rely on our accounting expertise, so you may focus on your business.

81, Anson Road,
#08-13, M Hotel City Centre,
Singapore 079908.

Email: ac6@modetti.com

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