BOX by MODETTI® finally

Yes, you often have bigger non-mail items coming in. You prefer we handle and store them, OK noted.

Alright, you never miss a sale on #CyberMonday #BlackFriday #MustbuyThurs … we get it.


You always grabbed best online deals from Shopee, Amazon, Qoo10, Lazada, Taobao, Alixpress, and all; but often not at home to receive them?

No time to rush over the collection points and ohh, those lockers store each item only for 2 days?

Now, BOX by MODETTI® is here for you.

Address + Receiving + Notifications + Storage + Easily Resize from just SGD 49

“Fit all you can” for all your purchases, wins and deals. We’d receive your parcels, packages, items (non-perishables) and you get email notifications anytime.

Is it always nice to see what you received? And just collect conveniently days or weeks later?

BOX 1 is spacious enough

SGD 49 monthly
OR only SGD 580 yearly

“Fit all you can” within generous capacity of approx 43,767cm3, stores about 11 Amazon A1 parcels and more. Happy storage for your items.

BOX 1 is basically Citylockers S+. Locked by MODETTI® officers, your BOX(s) sit well in our office. Signup with PayPal/ email us for PayNOW and more.

BOX 2 stores so much

SGD 70 monthly
OR only SGD 830 yearly

“Fit all you can” within large capacity of approx 65,729cm3, about 17 Amazon A1 parcels and more. Big storage for your items.

BOX 2 is basically Citylockers M+. Locked by MODETTI® officers, your BOX(s) sit well in our office. Signup with PayPal/ email us for PayNOW and more.

BOX 3 enough for a family of shoppers

SGD 90 monthly

OR only SGD 1,000 yearly

“Fit all you can” within huge capacity of approx 72,000cm3, about 19 Amazon A1 parcels and more. BOX 3 is really large, ala SingPost Speedpost XXL carton. It accomodates many mid sized or several large parcels.

Locked by MODETTI® officers, your BOX(s) sits well in our office. Signup with PayPal/ email us for PayNOW and more.

Address + Receiving + Notifications + Storage + Easily Resize from just SGD 49

Whenever we receive anything for you, get a quick notification and see how the parcel looks like.

When your BOX is nearly full, we’d remind you options or just come collect them easily on weekdays between 9am to 6pm. We even have trolleys, large carrying bags available for loan.

And, if you have no time to collect them, we can forward them to you and charge simply from your PPA.

BOX by MODETTI® is new but mostly booked in MODETTI® Branch office. Get your BOX(s) soon, enjoy that familiar care and convenience we’ve been bringing you and your business.

  • Address

    SG Mailing address included

    Means you get a real Singapore mailing address that works, one that your online store can deliver to. No funny suite/ box numbers, not PO box or temporary locker, not someone’s back room or short favors. Come by our branch office if you haven’t. We handle mail since 2002, and are known to do it so very well!

  • Receive

    We receive your items for you

    That’s right. Most of us can’t be waiting at home for the delivery guy, but we should be getting what we bought right? These parcels can’t be contactless delivery and just left outside the door OMG. Always nicer, safer that trusted people receive it and store it well for you. Enjoy notifications too.

  • Notifications

    Get timely notiifications, see what’s in

    Like EVE notifications you enjoy with our mailing address services. When a new parcel is received, we send you an email notification. Log in with your secure password and see a useful pic of how it looks like. Helps you make well informed decisions to collect, store further or forward how.

  • Storage

    Stored, locked and well in our office

    Your BOX isn’t out there in the open. It stores your parcels, items and stays locked in our office, handled only by MODETTI® officers. “Fit all you can” into the allocated space. If oddly sized items come, we apply human logic to help you. You’ve been to our offices, each BOX isn’t within anyone’s reach.

  • Resize

    Easily resize, add BOX(s) or change plan

    Well, its that easy, scaleable we call it. Sometimes you shop online more often sometimes there’s lesser deals, correct? Simply add another BOX if you need, or change your subscription plan up or down. If you really wish to, end subscription easily by clearing your BOX before expiry.

Further questions? Check out our FAQs or just email MODETTI® now.

We’ve been handling business mail since 2002, Citylockers since 2008 and serve as collection points of online stores.

At MODETTI®, experience counts, integrity is always important and we apply effective tech to do what we’re known best for. One of the first few proponents of today’s PDPA, we put real priority on privacy.

Been there, done that and still doing it happily well; we processed more than a thousand letters in a day, serve > thousands of Singapore registered businesses and companies; including subsidiaries of foreign MNCs and registered societies, associations.




  1. What’s BOX?
    BOX by MODETTI® is now available, simply because 5 reasons:

    So many been asking, nagged, requested and some even setup email automation chasing us for it

    We all shop online but can’t always be home to receive parcels, no time to go collection points

    Those locker service keep each parcel for days, then deliver/ return so your purchases miss you again

    We’re all the same, nobody pays high fees but everybody wants to enjoy a reliable convenience!

    Sometimes there’s just too many good deals and we may need more space, right?

    BOX by MODETTI® is new as this stores parcels, packages and non-standard mail. This isn’t like our other address or Citylockers or business services.

    BOX by MODETTI® is “Fit all you can” storage, with mailing address so we can receive for you. You get a helpful notification when a parcel comes in, and can see how it looks like.

    We store it well beyond days as long as your BOX has space. Your BOX is locked and handled only by MODETTI® officers, at the office and available conveniently for you to collect from.

    BOX is available in 3 sizes :


    If you ever need, just upsize/ get another BOX. You may subscribe to 1, or more boxes as you deem fit. Choose monthly or go yearly.

    Even if you don’t have time to collect, arrange for us to forward it to you with PPA.


  3. Where is the BOX?
    BOX is available in 3 sizes, at MODETTI Branch Office, open 9am to 6pm on weekdays.

    MODETTI Branch Office is at 14 Robinson Road #08-01A Far East Finance Building Singapore 048545
    MRT =


  5. How soon can I start using?
    Usually on the same/ next business day, after payment and ID records all cleared.

  7. So how does your notifications work for me?
    We send you 1 email notification on the same/ next day when we receive something for you and place into your BOX(s).

    Click on it and voila, you see a picture of what’s that looks like. With such helpful info, you have a good idea of how much space you’ve using, whether it’ll fit more, or time to add another BOX/ upgrade. That’s why its scalable sizeable.


  9. What if I have existing mailing address service with MODETTI®?
    Better, because mailing address is for mail, not larger items or parcels.

    Signing up BOX means we can now receive, accept non-mail, packages and parcels for you/ your business.

    Please check with us before deciding to signup BOX for your own name, or your Singapore registered entity’s name. Standard, 1 name per BOX signup.


  11. Well, what’s the difference between your BOX, Citylockers, Business Mailing Address, Mail Forwarding and Concierge services?
    Of our services, BOX and Citylockers are for accepting non-mail, larger sizes, packages and parcels but BOX includes use of our address because we receive them in your name. Not for Citylockers which is about self storage.

    Business/ Personal Mailing Address, Mail Forwarding, Concierge services are all standard services for mail, letters, within envelope or light packages that contain mail, papers as such, not items.

    That’s why clients have been requesting for something like BOX for years!


  13. OK, then what’s the difference between your BOX and lockers by SingPost/ BluPort/ IMDA Pick?
    Those lockers store each of your parcel for up to 2/ 3 days before they return to sender or attempt delivery to your home.

    If you have 3 parcels, you may have to collect 3 times so its 3 trips. They are 24 hours available but in public locations. That is convenience but in a quick short time so making time and effort to collect.

    For BOX, it is “Fit all you can” and we receive and accept your parcels as long as there’s space and your service is valid.

    The minimum subscription is 1 whole month, so you don’t have to rush to collect now and again to collect another parcel soon.

    BOX is available in 3 sizes within both MODETTI offices, easily accessible and sheltered link to MRT stations, ample parking options.

    We even have trolley and recycled bags on loan, if you need!


  15. How to signup?
    To signup, it’s easy. Click on this secure link to signup, then pay easily via PayPal, or PayNow, Funds Transfer, Cheque.

    If you prefer to pay by Cash/ NETS, just visit MODETTI offices.


  17. What do you need from me?
    If you are signing up BOX for yourself,
    Upload clear color pic of your ID front and back/ or Passport page with clear photo, and provide verifiable contact information.

    If you are signing up BOX for your Singapore registered business/ company,
    Upload your recent ACRA business profile, and provide verifiable contact information.

    These are standard requirements as such services are accountable for in AML/CFT measures.

    At the moment, BOX is not available to foreign registered company/ entities but kindly register your interest with us.


  19. Is there a limit to how many BOX one can have?
    No, it’s up to you and bear in mind, you may upgrade or upsize easily.

    Using BOX

  21. So, what is acceptable, what’s not?
    BOX is an affordable convenience now available because many have been requesting for it.

    BOX is a temp storage but not for food, perishables, animals, cargo or controlled items, certainly not for anything related to/ used for criminal activities. BOX is clearly not for heavy storage, warehousing or industrial uses. If your package or parcel is unusually heavy or there’s signs of leakage/ stench or doubtful contents, naturally it cannot be accepted.

    Otherwise, as long as it fits into your BOX(s), we’ll accept and keep for you!


  23. If parcel is odd-sized, maybe unusually long and doesn’t fit in?
    BOX is “Fit all you can” based on what BOX(s) you signed up for.

    Our officers exercise human discretion. We shop online too and understand nobody can tell how the seller/ shipper will package it. If your next parcel is too long/ cannot fit into your BOX(s), we’d try to estimate if the available volume may accommodate. Size or weight is what you or us will not know before the courier sends it, but it is fair based on volume. We will try our best and if it’s acceptable, the odd-sized parcel will be tagged near your BOX(s).


  25. If delivery man/ courier comes outside your business hours?
    MODETTI offices , are open 9am to 6pm on weekdays unless Singapore gazetted public holidays.

    If that happens, they will usually re-attempt delivery or schedule next one with you. Most of them work in specific zones and are familiar with our business hours especially since our offices already receive and handle alot of mail daily.


  27. So who will be signing for my items and to receive them?
    MODETTI officer on duty may do so and also check to ascertain if the parcel is acceptable.


  29. Fine, how do I collect from my BOX(s)?
    BOX is not just secured within our office premises, we issue you with a unique ECC code.

    Just mention/ key it in when you visit our office and say it’s for your BOX. This measure safeguards who may have access to the items.

    If you ever forget/ misplace your ECC code, we’ll send you a new one by email after ID/ email verification.


  31. If I have to collect many parcels and my hands are full, how?
    We have different sizes of trolley available for loan, sturdy recycled carrying bags and umbrellas too. Check with MODETTI officer on duty for details.


  33. Can I collect selected items and leave the rest inside?
    No, please collect all the items easily. We have trolleys of different sizes if you really need, and recycled carrying bags all for loan. It’s not possible to manage the BOX and selectively handle each item within.

  35. If I have to collect many parcels and my hands are full, how?
    We have different sizes of trolley available for loan, sturdy recycled carrying bags and umbrellas too. Check with MODETTI officer on duty for details.


  37. Can I request for re-forwarding of my BOX contents?
    Yes, just ensure you have valid PPA with ample amount for doing this, give us a complete destination address and contact information which the delivery man/ courier can use if necessary. Contact us for more details.


  39. Can I ask for pictures of what’s inside my BOX(s)?
    Sure, you get 1 request credit per month of active subscription.

    Simply request by email from your registrant email address, our officer will send you one color pic of it. If you need more pictures/ on a regular basis, it’ll cost SGD 3 per extra pic and deduct from your PPA.


  41. What happens if I do not wish to renew?
    Just be fair to tell us early.

    We ensure a reasonable minimum of 2 email reminders before your last day of use. BOX has heavy demand and any usage has to be paid for.

    Standard, you have to collect all contents before expiry date or it will be cleared out, not accounted for or may be disposed at further charges to be borne by user.

    BOX is a convenience for those who wish to use it. Please be responsible for your items, ensure you provided us valid email address and check our emails regularly.


  43. Can I get a tenancy agreement/ proof of address by signing BOX?
    BOX is just a temp storage for convenience in our offices, not tenancy or rental, not permission to occupy or use our premises for any purposes except to receive the items based on 1 name per BOX. These cannot be provided as it contradicts the use or purpose of BOX.


  45. Can I unpack or repack my BOX items on the spot?
    If it’s to remove some packages and lighten your load for bringing back, we’d even help you. Kindly dispose of the unused packaging responsibly. Please note that unpacking or repacking for any other purposes is not possible.

  47. May I give specific instructions on what to accept, reject?
    We may consider such request on a case by case basis.

    However, please remember that BOX is a basic convenience afterall. This isn’t concierge or management of your items. No amount of upgrades or add-ons will lead to anything like a personal assistant service.


  49. Can I chose my favourite number for the BOX(s)?
    Sorry but BOX(s) are not numbered or identifiable like a locker.

  51. Then how do you or I identify which is my BOX?
    Our duty officers handle the BOX(s) professionally and we don’t deploy like a massive storage.

    Each BOX is tied to the name of user and internally labelled. One will need the correct ECC code given to our duty officer before able to know/ receive the items within.


  53. Besides delivery man/ courier, who else can send items to my BOX(s)?
    Practically anyone may do so, including you!

    We receive or accept items in the name of BOX user, as long as the service is valid, item is acceptable and can fit in.


  55. Wait, what if I have more questions?
    That’s great because we’d prefer well informed clients. The more you understand, makes the service help and work for you. Email us today!


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