You decide,
we follow!

  1. Retain it until you collect?

  2. Forward it when you want to?

  3. Use your preferred courier/ shipping co?

  4. Open, scan contents into .pdf and email you?

  5. Convenience by our >17 years experience!


Min. 501gms per forward,
or just scan it!

Within Singapore

Scan & email you contents!

International Forwarding
Combined up to 1kg
S$3.80 includes SingPost POLY M, or S$4.70 using SmartPAC
Just S$3.00

per letter,

not exceeding

10x A4 pages.

S$5.00 + postage
Combined 1kg to 2kgs
S$6 including ordinary postage

Just S$9 + postage
Parcel 2kgs to 5kgs
S$3.50 + courier fee

S$11.00 + courier
Parcel 5.1kgs to 10kgs
S$5.50 + courier fee

S$13.00 + courier
Parcel 10.1kgs up to 20kgs
S$7.50 + courier fee

S$16.00 + courier
Parcel above 20kgs
S$7.50 + S$1.50 per kg + courier fee

S$20.00 + S$2 per kg + courier
Comparing with others
• They forward your mail weekly or monthly. We forward on same business day, OR whenever you prefer.

• They just cross out name, write over the same envelope and post. We put on a new envelope and state clearly.

• They charge S$2 per 30g letter, so 10 letters = S$20! We are nowhere near, whether scanned or forwarded.

Just a few letters? Request open, scan and email to you. Faster, cheaper than forwarding/ ERP/ carpark/ MRT and it's that clear!

Since 15 May 2010, SingPost implemented shorter 5-day mail collection and delivery. All mails after Friday afternoons are held over weekend, handled only on Monday onwards, thus + 2 more days delay.

Prepaid Postage Account (PPA) is a prepaid deposit account used for forwarding, handling, scanning, misc. charges. Start with either S$50 or S$100 value.

Please contact us should you need more information regarding any of our professional services.
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