As a full fledged and well accredited professional firm, MODETTI® corporate secretarial services includes corporate brokerage; popularly known in U.S as the term “business brokerage”.

In Asia, such business services are relatively new and has been referred to as “business exchange”, or “readymade companies”, “recycled companies”, or at times “business brokers”….Our professional services refer to legitimate buying and selling of worthy Singapore registered companies, the advisory roles and respective due processes.

We have acquired these safe companies, completed our own due diligence processes, hold the company and remain dormant before listing them.

The respective companies which we list or secure for sale, are of respective market value, selected after much corporate scrutiny and due diligence comparable to international standards. 

Should you be interested, please schedule an appointment to meet with us, in person.

Our companies are highly sought after, because you are buying it safe and being well advised.

Question #1. How safe?

We are not brokers or middlemen.

Buying from MODETTI® is direct from a known Professional Bureau Singapore. Responsibilities and assurance comes from a professional practice, not based on certain promises. We offer what we really have. Full due diligence was practiced before our senior officers were appointed into the company. Then they safely served before you, riding out any chances of un-evens and unknowns.

 Brokers/ AgentsProfessional Firm
When buying fromMiddlemen, Intermediaries not fully aware or responsibleMODETTI® directly, our senior officers being directors, shareholders
If tax penalties, old debts surface?You know this depends on your luck, all their promises and a lot of finger pointing back to the former owners, whom by then are no longer available. Not me, not you, then who? Roulette goes on and on of who did what.Not possible. We conduct tiers of stringent checks and due diligence (1) before buying the company, (2) before our senior officers became appointed as its directors, (3) as they were appointed.
Any pricing differences?You have to pay the owner, middlemen, and other in-betweens. The amounts can be staggering, or simply start low but with alot of additions.Pay market rate directly to MODETTI® for a peace of mind, full transfer with proper documents.
Can meet the owners first?Depends on the middlemen, any other in-betweens and the owners. Their own interests and commissions at stake, may not reveal source to you.Directors and shareholders are our senior officers. Schedule a meeting in our offices and meet in person to discuss all the details directly.

Question #2. How much does it cost?

Our price includes transfer of ownership, proper regulatory filings and paperwork related; as well as option to change company name, registered address, business activities, officers once. It depends on age of the company, other variables.

Year Incorporated20142012 to 20132008 and older
Price Rangefrom S$7,000from S$8,500By application
We usually maintain up to 20 available companies in our list.

Buying a company is not a casual process though we may effect it within a day. We require a meeting in person for any details to be discussed.

Question #3. How to start?

Just 3 steps.

First, determine your budget and requirements. Realize safe + aged companies are valued as antiques, it does not cost the same or lower than a new one.

Second, call 61002086 to schedule a meeting at our office, ask your questions in person.

Lastly, take your time to consider. We’re known proper, there will be no pushy promo or sales tactics.

Companies For Sale! 
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