Singapore Permanent Residence ( Singapore PR ) is always a hot topic. This status is clearly one of most sought after. Singapore is one of the world’s safest cities, has an excellently stable government and political system, a world class effective education system, great economic dynamo for Asia….

Whether you seek to settle down and start a family here, startup your business and enjoy a springboard to Asia, or just setup a comfortable environment for you to retire and enjoy life; this is the right place.

There are many types of Singapore PR, and application is certainly not an easy process! Even though appeals are possible, your first try should always be cherished as subsequent tries often give you lesser chances! With only 1 chance, you know best where to get the highest success possibility.

Our Singapore PR Consultation service is a new 1 hour service, which can be conducted internationally online via MSN, via email ( max. 5 emails ), or you may choose to have it conducted at MOS 1 office. This means that while you may have plans to seek Singapore PR, you NEED NOT travel to this region as yet.

Besides the convenience factor, an important highlight is that : With profesional advice, some foreigners actually need not go through the lengths of applying for Singapore PR.

Our consultant spends an hour of quality time discussing with you on your plans, qualifications, current status and can advise you correctly on Singapore PR application process, OR any alternatives which can be easier, ie. EntrePass/ employment pass.

Without advice and help from professional services firms, everything seems to be very confusing. There are many variations of Singapore PR and as many other easier alternatives which you would not know of!

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