CR Number/ RIER refers to a Central Registration number and UEN Registration with Singapore Customs (ICA). Formerly called the CR number registration, the process is unchanged but it is now changed RIER/ UEN Registration with Singapore Customs, wef December 2009.

After registration with Singapore Customs, the company’s account is activated and it also enables your company to apply and submit Import and Export Permit applications through TradeNet® if neccessary.

Whether a sole proprietorship business or private company, it is a regulatory requirement to complete this process and activate the account (via either one of the owners/ directors) if your organisation wishes to import goods into or export goods from Singapore, or submit permit applications on behalf of other traders.

It’s only best that you register as soon as your business or company is setup since it will be a necessary process of your business activities unless your business/ comapny does not engage in any import, or export, or trading.

The benefits of this registration also help identity the trader company and facilitate a smoother and faster clearance of your goods through all of Singapore Customs checkpoints, whether land, sea and air! In most cases, it further helps with having lower cost in freight forwarder fees if your business/ company has completed this registration.

Your business or company must be registered with the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) in Singapore before we proceed to assist you and for sole proprietors/ LLP/ LP, presence of oen of the owners/ partners is mandatory as we assist you in this 15 minutes process. For companies, presence of one of the company directors is necessary and all business/ company personnel are required to be Singapore citizen/ PR or holder of long term EP.

You should first have your company CorpPass account registered and added the e-service. With our professional assistance, your application will be submitted on the spot, and often swiftly approved. Upon approval, your company may easily apply for and submit any permit applications through TradeNet® on the next working day.

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