If you have been operating your business for a fair amount of time and would like to convert it into a Limited Liability Partnership ( LLP), you may do so easily and instantly especially with our side by side assistance to file the conversion with ACRA. 

Conversion from an existing business to that of an LLP is acceptable on condition that the partners of the business firm are going to be the partners of the LLP and the business has no outstanding security interests in its assets at the time of the application for the conversion.

Once you have converted to an LLP, the status will show as “converted to LLP” and the date of conversion will be the date of registration of the LLP. You will be issued with a LLP Registration Number. Consider your conversion along the lines of the benefits or effects that an LLP may have on your business activities. Limited Liability Partnership has a minimum of 2 partners and has limited liability.

An LLP which has converted from a business shall include a statement that it was converted from a business to a LLP and the name and registration number of the former entity. This additional statement shall be displayed for 12 months commencing 14 days from the date of registration of the LLP.

Government fees related to conversion of business to LLP, are already inclusive within this package. This is more of a convenience service provided by M.O.S which is especially helpful and cost efficient if you wish to save time, and also need not use your credit card/ internet banking account at all! Entire process is near instant, carried out with side by side assistance by M.O.S staff, helping you to easily complete it within minutes!

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