Now, you’ve been wanting to start your own business and be your own boss for quite some time. Everytime you think of this, your ambitions and desires give way to either laziness or just not wishing to go thru the registration process. Afterall, you may not know what to do after that, right? 

Whichever the case, we noticed this with many of our customers too. It’s always hard to start something, and it’s harder to even imagine what to do after that! Stop waiting from this very moment, because if you never start, all your dreams and ambitions are just thoughts. The successes you thought of, will never materialise if you do not even start!

All necessary government fees (ACRA fees) are already included in this package’s price. M.O.S will provide On The Spot Total assistance to you in registering your business. On The Spot to us, means right HERE, right NOW. Total means, you may pay us and we will apply on your behalf. We will complete the entire submission process for you. You just need to let us know beforehand some simple details of you and your intended business.

On top of it all, this package even includes the ACRA Official Business Profile of your business! It’ll cost you around S$10 or up to S$15 if you order it later yourself.

Well, if you do not know that some businesses need a licence to operate and if you do not know what an SSIC code is, and you don’t wish to think about all the details, then leave it to us to do it for you in the most professional and reliable way!

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