Simple + Straightforward,
your ROY number gives you UNLIMITED local call forwarding.

It’s a normal Singapore office telephone number that starts with 655XXXXX, and all calls will ring straight at your Singapore mobile. Nothing like VOIP numbers that look odd 31XXXXXX, Nothing like setup fees at all, Nothing like airtime billing per sec….

Your ROY number is your Singapore office telephone number, print it on namecards, company invoices, any correspondences, it’s a regular looking Singapore office phone number that your clients will be calling.

This service is for 1 whole year use of a 8 digit Singapore phone number that DOES NOT reveal which town you are in, and one that your clients wouldn’t think twice before calling.

You can keep your handphone number private, avoid situations when customers call your home instead and embarrassing times when you prefer that your handphone doesn’t ring!

All local calls to your ROY number are forwarded straight to your Singapore mobile phone (deposit required for overseas mobile), and the caller would not know that it’s answered at your mobile. Great especially if you’re often on the move, and clients need to be in touch with you.

AND you can talk for hours and hours for free (Singapore numbers), ROY does not charge you airtime! NO airtime, NO setup fees, NO deposit, unlimited local call forwarding!!