Simply: Unlimited mail content scanning, local mail forwarding weekly via SingPost and mail notifications via email/ call for 1 year. Now, anyone may sign and enjoy the convenience of our mailplus!

You want the use of a Singapore mailing address? Know what letters you received and read the contents on your phone even before you collected them? Make wise decisions on what to discard and what to forward to your Singapore address?

You can count on our strong experience in mail handling since 2002. Count on our enhanced mail scanning abilities. See for yourself the difference of how convenient it becomes. Leverage on our daily SingPost experience that new firms need years to achieve.

Foresee wisely
At your request/ standing instructions, mails are opened and we scan the contents into pdf. One pdf per letter and these are emailed to you. You can now see on your phone, exactly what you received and decide what to do with the letters.

Save time and money
You don’t have to drive all the way CBD, pay ERP and parking just to pickup mails. We forward to your Singapore address weekly, for free. Regardless how many letters you may get in the year.

Be at a good address
This branch office is also in the very heart of Singapore’s business and finance, the Raffles Place zone. It’s also our developing postal hub well staffed by our mail specialists. The buzz and ever increasing volume of mails handled adds with our more than 15 years of experience, which makes it all the more dependable.

Simple Logic 
We know how to provide the services you rely on. We keep improving with new tech and productivity ideas. We have the bulk to handle postal volumes daily. We price our services low and fair, making sure first it’s value for money. We test and test and test, knowing all variables before we announce the service. We have been doing these since 2002, the known good ways that work.

That’s why many others sign with us and stay years on, making us easily amongst top 3 virtual office providers in Singapore!

Your name/ business name
14 Robinson Road
#08-01A Far East Finance Building
Singapore 048545.

Unlimited mail content scanning at the lowest, unlimited local mail forwarding weekly to your Singapore residence and a great address for you to use. You may even pop by to self collect when you like to!

There’s really nothing else to pay for, unless you wish to forward mails internationally.

To do that, just signup the prepaid postage account (PPA) whether S$50 or S$100 value and we can forward mails to anywhere else in the world, as you prefer!

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