We will not utilise wholesale call center type of robotic answering or rushed answering of your calls. Our MODETTI officers are not telemarketeers and will handle calls much better, as if your own office receptionist would have!

You are provided a dedicated Singapore telephone number meant for CBD areas, NOT VOIP type of funny numbers starting with 310.

Your dedicated number is normally issued within 2 business days and service activated very quickly. Of course, we would prefer you give us more information beforehand so that our MODETTI officers can manage the conversation well with your clients/ callers. This in turn gives you and your company maximum prestige and credibility at very affordable fees.

Calls are answered real-time by live humans during the day, by our trained MODETTI officers and we send you 1 email per message taken, so that you can respond quickly to your clients/ callers. All messages reach you at the luxury of your email. No contacts missed, no angry or disappointed customers!

A Singapore office area telephone number is provided for your use during the service period of 1 year. You may use the number as your “office telephone no”, “DID”, state it in your business cards… It’s the number that your clients can call to reach you.

Easy, no settings, no confusion, calls answered professionally by MODETTI staff. We’ll establish caller identity, politely take down the messages for you, and relay to you via email. 1 email per message taken, ASAP. Word by word, you’ll never miss any messages!

During daytime standard operation hours between 10.30am to 6.30pm on business days, calls are professionally and courteously answered. No frustration with extensions or robotic by the book greetings!

When you are using this service, it simply connects your customers to you, and greatly benefits your company. Your potential clients or suppliers will have a significantly better impression as calls are greeted in your company name.