Professional phone call answering, real-time by live humans during the day, and message taking to send you. All messages reach you at the luxury of your email. No contacts missed, no angry or disappointed customers!

Lowest possible cost as this is a SHARED number between max. 5 companies, each of very different trade, industry and staff names. MODETTI® staff are trained to identify the calls are meant for which client and can answer each call well.

A Singapore telephone number is provided for your use during the service period of 1 year. You may use the number as your “office telephone no”, “DID”, state it in your business cards… It’s the number that your clients can call to reach you. Easy, no settings, no confusion, calls answered professionally by MODETTI® staff. We’ll establish caller identity, politely take down the messages for you, and relay to you via email. Word by word, you’ll never miss any messages!

During daytime standard operation hours between 10.30am to 6.30pm on business days, any calls your customers may make to reach you; will be professionally and courteously answered. No frustration with extensions and by the book greetings, we’ve eased the feel of this service since we first started trials in March 2007!

Callers will not feel frustrated with the smooth answering and greeting sequence. When you signup this service, it simply benefits your customers and in turn benefits you!

Absolutely not a call center environment, the caller will feel better and much more impressed than routine “line answering” tactics used by call agents! 

This means your potential clients or suppliers will have a better impression of you and your business!

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