Change for better company secretary

Unhappy with your current company secretary?

We know. Most do not like to change or switch, if possible. Right?

Being often tasked to replace others, we’ve seen many and understand why.

Most commonly,

1. They charge unbelievably low but have excessive additional fees for many,

2. They cannot explain what documents and declarations you are asked to sign for, usually avoid clear answers,

3. They are unable to articulate or communicate clearly about ACRA compliance, latest directives,

4. They insist on archaic processes, use “scare tactics”, unaware of many regulatory changes,

5. They casually give misleading or wrong information, have no interest or knowledge of related MOM, PDPA..

6. They show flagrant disregard of compliance, get your company flagged red X by ACRA for late filings.

The list goes on, not surprising.

Whatever or most of what they lacked, you get better and clearer with MODETTI®

We are an ACRA Recognised CSP, Licensed RFA staffed by ACRA Registered Qualified Individuals.

Afterall, the company secretary is one whom directors rely on to give proper guidance and advice in relation to regulatory requirements (not just by ACRA) and various compliance dues.

. . . . . .

Since 2002, many Singapore companies count on us heavily for these.

We are helping more and more because we are experienced, understand, do it right, and the clients benefit as a result. Simple, clear and effective. Doing it right can be louder than SEO and likes!

Helping companies regain the ACRA green tick compliance is just 1 of many first steps.

At this point, you probably wondered:

1. What if that company secretary does not want to resign?


2. What exactly does a Singapore company secretary do? Can it be exempted somehow?


3. Must be qualified? Licensed? Or Accountant?


4. I don’t know what they have done, or if they did the registers from start. How?


5. So, if I wish to change to MODETTI®, how fast? Easy?

After all you’ve been through with them, its OK to ask more. Right?

Started since 2002, we’re now a known group of professional companies which include:

ACRA Recognised Corporate Services Provider (CSP)
ACRA Licensed Registered Filing Agent (RFA)
ACRA Registered Qualified Individuals (RQI)
IRAS Corporate Tax Agents, Top Filers
Singapore Data Protection Officers (DPO)

MODETTI® Head Office
81, Anson Road,
#08-13, M Hotel Singapore Level 8,
Singapore 079908.

Weekdays 9am to 6pm

Corporate inquiries, incorporation are our daily work anytime, no appointment needed.
We are an older firm. NO hardsell, gimmicks, do not need those please.

Walk right in, speak with our experienced duty officers or email us.