One of our most popular and “almost daily signed” service add-on, our low local mail forwarding cost + efficiency to follow your instructions, brings you ultimate convenience when you take up this service add-on together/ OR after your Business mailing address service package with us. You will not even have to visit our office at all, we will keep forwarding your received mail to any Singapore address that you designate. 

Sheer convenience for you, as you do not have to visit us even once, and your received mail can reach you in the comfort of your residence, or any Singapore address at your discretion. NO RESTRICTIONS on type of mail, whether foreign parcels, or a local letters. As long as you have a valid Business or Personal Mailing Address with us, and that you have remaining credit from this initial S$50 value, we will forward the mail to any Singapore address you instruct us to. There is also NO LIMIT to number of changes you can have for destination address!

This new Prepaid Postage Account (PPA) also means the balance can be used to pay for micro charges such as on-demand requests to scan mail contents, fax requests, cheque deposits and misc; as and when you need.

Since this is an add-on service and deposit by nature, the balance is totally accounted for. We send you statement when balance is low, so you decide to top-up or not. Works really like a prepaid card!

Letters, Packages, Parcels and even cartons are acceptable.
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This service add-on comes with a initial S$50.00 value. We will keep forwarding until the S$50 is depleted, whereby you will be asked to just reload if necessary.

We’re providing a BIG amount of convenience with this service add-on, and again made it AFFORDABLE. Afterall, the take up rate is significant even before we listed this service in 2007! If you prefer DHL, we’ll DHL it to you. If you prefer registered local, we will do so too.

Most service providers charge from S$2 as handling fee for each 1 page letter. MODETTI® collects less than that, follow combined weight and handle your mails better. With our client numbers, visiting the postboxes and post office everyday is a long established norm for us, so we don’t charge for this and that.

We have the lowest fees in Singapore, yet provide a fast and professional mail forwarding thanks to client numbers! Billing is transparent and you get a simple statement at the end of service, on how this S$50 value was used. Ultimately, you decide and we’ll follow as long as you still have enough credit!

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