An LLP is another form of doing business in Singapore. This means that instead of registering a business or a company in Singapore, interested parties may choose to register an LLP to carry out their business activities. 

The Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) will give the owners the flexibility of operating as a partnership whilst giving them limited liability. It combines the benefits of a partnership with those of private limited companies. The LLP is a body corporate and has legal personality separate from its partners.

The LLP has perpetual succession. Any change in the partners of a LLP does not affect its existence, rights or liabilities.

ACRA’s LLP registration fees are already included in this package’s price. Furthermore, we also include one printout of your LLP’s business profile which ACRA charges separately. In short, M.O.S is providing this assistance more as a convenience for our existing customers. On The Spot to us, means right HERE, right NOW. We will complete the entire submission process with you, side by side! You just need to let us know beforehand some simple details of you and partners, your intended business activities and complete the payment of this service.

Well, if you do not know that some businesses need a licence to operate and if you do not know what an SSIC code is, and you don’t wish to think about all the details, then leave it to us to do it for you in the most professional and reliable way!

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