Been wanting to start your own business but you prefer to startup as a company? At M.O.S, we ARE NOT an incorporation shop. MOS provides genuine advice and professional incorporation of Singapore companies, and we do so by combining the necessary services and procedures into 1 single and simple package for your convenience.

Your SingPass is NOT REQUIRED at anytime, simply because we are an accredited professional firm! Please do not share your SingPass as genuinely recognised professional firms are empowered to incorporate without it. Only small incorporation shops will request your SingPass and please re-consider the risks before doing so.

Do practically nothing except for to just visit us at our office with your NRIC for citizens or PR, or Passport/ FIN card for foreigners.

This professional 1 STOP package already includes all the relevant and necessary services as follows, and is detailedly carried out in full accordance to the strict rules pertaining to company formation and registration. We take the hassles out so everything is simplified for you!

• Includes standard ACRA Pte. Ltd. Company formation fees,
• 5x Printout of your company profile from ACRA
• Advice on company’s Memorandum & Articles of Association (M&AA)
• Draft special pre-emptive and M&AA object clauses (legally vetted)
• 5x Company’s Memorandum & Articles of Association (M&AA)
• Preparation of the 1st Board of Director’s Resolutions
• Creation of Statutory Registers, opening of bank account
• Designation of financial year end, issuance of share certificates
• Unlimited nos. of Company Share Certificates according to setup
• 1x Custom Made Metal Plate Company Commons Seal
• A hard copy of the Certificate of Incorporation

! This package differs from Incorporate Singapore Company Package 1, because it includes the drafting of a specially customized pre-emptive M&AA object clauses which is legally vetted, and also includes a hard copy of the Certificate of Incorporation; highly impressionable!

In short, this package is really all that you need to have done, and practically nothing else!