As with the complexity and responsibility pertaining to this position, M.O.S will ascertain the right candidate after extensive screening on background, ensuring that there is no conflict of interests and that he/ she is an active business person.

As an accredited Professional Bureau, we assign or recommend ONLY GENUINE professional who has the business integrity and expertise required of a nominee director.

Commonly available, most service providers assign just about any Singapore citizen/ PR to be named. As a known professional services provider, our candidates are NOT those regular man on the street. Our fees are already inclusive of legally binding indemnity agreements which protects the foreigner/ beneficial owner; and as well as protects the professional nominee director; in a balanced way for both parties.

We provide and assign nominee director who has and is serving on board many other companies in Singapore and overseas, a genuine trusted business person to help bring credibility to your company.

A standard refundable security deposit of S$7000 is required after clearing our KYC, due diligence. We gladly refund this if our director may safely resign within the 1 year tenure, usually great because you may have obtained EP/ your staff can rise up to take this position.

This is a highly remarkable difference versus appointing a normal “man-in-the-street” who will neither be able to carry out the directorship requirements and will only present un-necessary delays by due diligence account opening from banks as well as misunderstandings over time. Appointing friends or normal persons suggested by shops, often lead to disputes over directors fees and un-warranted claims which can be avoided from first step.

Furthermore, legally valid indemnity documents are required of applicant while declaration of trust documents can be similarly expected of the selected non executive nominee director. The duration of each tenure as in this service package is for per annum from date of appointment and renewable by mutual consent.

Conditions apply because our professional nominee/ independant directors are basing their solid reputation. Credible foreign clients are always pleased and well assured that we assess using our KYC and due diligence accordingly on a case by case basis so that it is a ssafe and balanced arrangement.

As a Professional Bureau, we never practice locking clients in and forcing obligations. Upon the foreigner director/ shareholder obtaining a valid work pass or PR in Singapore, the professional nominee director shall gladly step down from the appointment because the company no longer requires a resident director. Thus, it is on a 1 year renewable tenure as long as both parties are agreeable.