Starting a business in Singapore has become easier over these years. Our Singapore government has created a stable, very conducive business environment. The geographical and technological excellence of Singapore, also makes us the “door” to Asia and also the world.

Singapore welcomes foreign investors, permanent residents and also businessmen who have the intention to start a business here. While the application channels are eased, many factors need to be weighed before the application.

At M.O.S, we have provided such necessary and essential advice to businessmen from countries such as Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Germany, Great Britain, US, China and almost every country in Asia. Throughout Asia, this remains the no. 1 and most preferred country for any foreigners to start a business.

Every business idea and intention is assessed with our professional experience; each client is discreetly handled with your confidentiality as our top concern. Firstly, we ensure that there would be no conflict of interest so that we can advise you professionally. Secondly, your convenience is also utmost.

You do not need to even travel here to tap on our professional advice. Thanks to modern technology, we can discreetly and quickly advice you via exchange of emails, or faxes, or phone, and currently the most popular option by technoprenuer investors: instant messaging. Ultimately, the channel of communication will be your choice and our task is to advise and assist you in your initial plans.

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