Almost unbelieveable! Easy to use, no software/ installation required. No telephone line or fax machine required too. Line quality service supported by StarHub. A unique StarHub fax number will be issued along with this service. Receive ALL your own faxes ANYWHERE you could be.

Fax directly converts into email and reaches you almost instantly on same business day! Absolutely NO LAG or loss, all received faxes will be saved securely for up to 1 month. Your OWN, not shared StarHub fax number for your customers/ friends/ associates to fax over. All faxes handled in utmost secrecy as our concierge level services would!

Your own unique StarHub fax number can be setup in 1 Business Day!!

There’s so much benefits and savings, precisely what you need for your business/ lifestyle!

• No electricity bills to pay, no salary needed for the fax to email conversion!
• Your own fax number supported by StarHub, real Singapore number
• 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, all faxes to your number are received
• Received faxes converted and emailed to you, on same business day!
• Receive UNLIMITED number of faxes, safe keeping for up to 1 month
• Faxes can be forwarded to ANY email address, and unlimited changes!
• Read your faxes just like you would read your emails, ANYWHERE you like
• Fully discreet and secure, no other party can access or read your faxes!
• Totally Paperless, no thermal fax paper or any messy stacks of papers
• No fax machine/ software needed, nothing to carry, no installation at all!
• Saves you ALOT of time as you get your faxes anywhere on Earth!

Simplified, this service is like your secretary switched on 24 hours, everyday and getting you all your faxes organised so you can retrieve anytime, anywhere!