Fax Hosting & Forwarding is a new ultra convenience for today’s entrepreneurs. Just apply a business telephone line with SingTel and leave your fax machine here with us. It’ll always be turned ON, and SingTel bills you directly for any usage.

Anytime someone sends you a fax, we’ll convert it to the popular .pdf format and email a copy to you. NO matter where you are, your faxes are safe and discreetly handled. You can view your received faxes almost instantly as we forward faxes to email on same business day!

There’s so much benefits and savings, take a serious look!

1. No electricity bills to pay, no salary needed for the fax to email conversion!
2. Your own fax & telephone number by SingTel, installed in our office
3. It’s your line! Pop in and you can make any calls/ receive faxes yourself
4. Walk-in & use your own line ANYTIME in our long operation hours
5. No limit to how long you can stay and use, as long as we’re open!
6. Your own fax machine, turned ON all the time and managed by MOS
7. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, all faxes to your number are received
8. Received faxes converted and emailed to you, on same business day!
9. Fully discreet and secure, no other party can read your fax or call out
10. Saves you ALOT of time as you get your faxes anywhere on Earth!
11. You’ll be offered a seat to use your own line as long as one is available
12. Top security, your information/ documents are safe in our vault area

With the above, our office is almost like a corner in your own house/ SOHO! Afterall, this is what hosting a fax/ telephone number is all about.

We’re your “office” in the city, serving you and helping to make sure you’re connected and reachable to your customers as always! Furthermore, line quality is excellent as it’s a business telephone line from SingTel afterall.

All you need is just to spend few minutes at SingTel Comcentre, register a business telephone line. If you already have a fax machine, just bring it over together with the instruction manuel. Otherwise, you may consider buying one directly from M.O.S at special price, OR purchase one yourself anywhere. NOTHING complicated, we’ll guide you through the ONE TIME process easily.