By common standards, our steel lockers are really spacious. These are NOT shoebox size spaces and nothing small like PO Box or bank security box! 

Our Size S can accomodate a backpack or briefcase or laptop bag, and still have enough room for your shopping bag. Size S Locker measures W378mm x H279mm x D415mm.

Our Size M is rather huge, it can almost store a bubble printer box or possibly your new 22″ LCD monitor! And there’s still space for many shopping bags! Size M Locker measures W378mm x H419mm x D415mm.

You can apply instantly online, OR just print application form, then mail in together with your cheque, OR just visit our office!

To rent instantly, just click on the above button and pay securely. After successful payment, we’ll reach you via email for registrant details. EASY.

Otherwise, just download the application form. Fill it up and mail it together with your cheque. Alternatively, just visit our office, pay in cash and get your lock on the spot!

We provide a very tough combination padlock and assign codes ONLY to you. There are no keys and no fear of you losing or forgetting any keys. Otherwise, you may choose from our other lock types, or use your own padlock.

Our premises are secured with cameras, alarm and friendly staff to verify ID. Such efforts on security ensure that your articles are safely stored and accessed only by people you authorize!

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