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This is the first service we provide to Singapore registered entities since 2002.

Every business or company needs an address; be it a sole proprietorship, a LLP or a private limited.

In fact, it’s one of the first things you need before you actually register your business or company! This service package is inclusive of unlimited mail cover scanning, free notifications by email, registered address at MODETTI® Raffles Place branch.

This service is for Singapore registered businesses and companies, or companies which will be registered in Singapore with ACRA within 2 weeks.


Whatever it contains, the assurance of professional handling and safe procedures by our experienced hands, never change. That’s been more than 15 years by now, many of our pioneer clients are still subscribed.

You can enjoy all the conveniences and prestige of a business address such as:


Your Company Name
14, Robinson Road,
#08-01A, Far East Finance Building,
Singapore 048545.

For as little as $8+ per month, you can use this address when registering your business with ACRA. You can also use this totally as your business address and also have it on your namecards and letterheads.

You are informed of received mails very timely via email, not just a one-liner. Ours would include a scan of the envelope(s). You can see what’s in, decide if its important for you to collect it quickly.

By the way, we are also the first and only operator serious to have up to 3 mail checks per day!

Mails received are handled in the highest standards available in Singapore, secure handling pioneered by MODETTI® so no one else besides you or your authorised may walk away with your business mail! PLUS, you will not even have to visit our office at all, we will keep forwarding your received mail to any Singapore address that you designate.

Your customers will certainly view your business in higher regard as this address is city central and rare unless you do rent a complete office around this area, normally costing you more than $2000.00 per month!

Sheer convenience for you, as you do not have to visit us even once, and your received mail can reach you in the comfort of your residence, or any Singapore address at your discretion. NO RESTRICTIONS on type of mail, whether foreign parcels, or a local letters.

Letters, Packages, Parcels and even cartons are acceptable.
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This service add-on comes with a initial postage deposit of S$50.00 value. It simply works like a prepaid e-wallet, example Cashcard. We will keep forwarding until the S$50 is depleted, whereby you will be asked to just reload another set if necessary.

MODETTI® is the:-

    • only professional operator with up to 3 mail checks daily, this means you get notified of any mail very quickly!
    • first professional operator to install security cameras in premises, this means your mail articles are safe!
    • first professional operator to implement security checks, this means no one walks away with your mail without your authorisation!

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    Simply a few of many reasons why MODETTI® clients are a happy lot!

    This is one of the first services of MODETTI® since 2002. When you do something well for that long, more than 15 years in our case; one gets pretty (very) good at it!

    Every other service provider charges from S$2 as handling fee for each 1 page letter. The same, yet FASTER service is only half the price at MODETTI®!

    We like accountability so you get a simple statement at the end of service.