Gone to SingTel to register a business phone number, but the given number wasn’t ideal for your business? Worried that your clients may have hard time remembering it? 

You do not want to spend that much bidding for those golden numbers but why not get one that’s very EASY to remember, and you can basically transfer anywhere at your convenience?

Just one EASY number for all your customers or friends to call you, no matter where you are. Plus, you get to choose between male/ female greeting message voice to answer the voicemail service for you, anytime, anywhere!

You can keep your handphone number private, avoid situations when customers call your home instead and embarrassing times when you prefer that your handphone doesn’t ring!

This service is for 1 whole year use of a 8 digit Singapore telephone number that DOES NOT reveal which town you are in, and one that is very easy to remember. (Just like our main numbers, 61002086!)

We maintain a stable of good numbers on hand at any given time and will assign you one accordingly after signup.

One number, ultimate control, best for your business, and easy for anyone (especially your customers) to remember!

This Special Number service means that the issued number shall start with first 4 digits as 6100, followed by last 4 digits based on our available numbers.

It’s already so catchy so choice of the 4 digits is not available.

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