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This service is strictly for Singapore registered businesses, partnerships and companies with a valid UEN issued from the Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA).

This service includes:

a) 1 Year authorised use as your Singapore company’s registered address record with ACRA,

b) MODETTI® 6x Good News you saw at main page. Check out the relevant conveniences for your business,

c) Un-limited mail cover scanning so you see exactly what letters were received, then decide when to collect, OR instruct us to scan/ forward it,

d) Prepaid Postage Account (PPA) with S$50 value, ready to use! It works like an e-wallet. Way cheaper than ERP and parking charges just to collect few letters!


The provision of MODETTI® Head Office as a Registered Address service is in accordance to Section 142 (1) and (2), and Section 143 of the Companies Act, Cap. 50.

In business, impressions count. ACRA is in the same building on level 5. Having a reputable address matters the world in first impressions. Many in business would know from first glance at your business card, if this is a penthouse in a certain building or some address that many others are using. International Plaza has been on Singapore’s skyline since 1976 and we’re on level 44.

In Singapore, there are just some addresses are already too well known as virtual office or serviced offices. Would you want an address that is too grand or too common or just too unlikely by occupying a whole floor or penthouse?


With this company registered address service, your company address is in the very heart of business and finance. Enjoy the prestige of having your company address in the landmark building International Plaza, with government agency such as ACRA, foreign embassies, possibly >50 law firms and >300 accounting and audit firms.

The address can be stated on your company’s invoices, namecards, letterheads, official correspondences and it serves as the registered address of your Singapore company whereby mail from the authorities are sent to.

Your Company Name
10, Anson Road,
#44-12, International Plaza,
Singapore 079903.

This office is also the Head Office of MODETTI® and it is staffed by our senior executives and officers. You are informed of received mails very timely via email. We are the first and only operator serious to have up to 3 mail checks per day!

Mails received are handled in the highest standards available in Singapore, secure handling pioneered by MODETTI® making sure that no one else besides you or your authorised persons can walk away with your business mail.

Your customers will certainly view your business in higher regard as this address is prime CBD financial central and rare unless you do rent a complete office around this area, normally costing you more than $5000.00 per month!

It is also very convenient, as you can collect letters addressed to your company, between 10.30am to 7pm on weekdays. Rain or not, we’re just above the Tanjong Pagar MRT exchange station.