Our International Mail Concierge is a prestigious and highly personalised service. This is beyond the international mail forwarding services we provide. We work almost like the concierge of the hotel you’re staying, and will go the extra mile for you in handling your mail.

(Only with your permission and instruction), your designated mail concierge will check, open, scan and fax or email the contents of your letter mail. The entire process and any information will be kept so confidential that only 1 senior officer is assigned to your account, and only this one person will serve you in the most professional and confidential way.

Letters, Packages, Parcels and even cartons are acceptable.
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Contents of your mail are not our concern. Your designated mail concierge’s job is to receive and forward it to you in the safest and fastest time. The integrity of our professional staff, and their non-interest in your personal matters means many are under our care year on year.

At MODETTI®, we’ve been serving customers worldwide since 2002. We know what you need and how we can provide the services to you, reliably. You can stay anywhere in the world and still enjoy this international mail forwarding service.

For Example,
You are in France. However, you need an Asian/ Singapore mailing address for some reason or another. We provide you with a reputable Singapore mailing address in the commercial district. Anyone in any country around the world, can send you mail to this address. You will be informed of any mail sent to you, and we will repost/ forward the mail to where you are!

This package already includes a reloadable international postage deposit with our domestic value of S$100. Mail forwarding starts immediately after the payment. We will maintain billings of each postage and will keep forwarding until this deposit amount is used up. For very heavy users, in the event wherebly your postage deposit is used up, you just need to reload with another S$100.

We follow your specific instructions or preferences. Whenever mail/ parcel is received, we will email you and try our best to describe the look or appearance of your mail. With this information, you can know or decide how important the piece of mail could be, and then instruct us on which way to post it to you.

You can instruct us to forward mail every 1 or 3 or more days, every week, or every month, or whenever there’s 3 or more letters…. Whichever your instructions and we can forward it to you via international normal post, registered article or express courier like DHL, FedEX, UPS, TNT, Speedpost.. to whereever you are in the world!