Hello, my name is Claire. I’m your fax communications manager. I am a regular looking Singapore office number, NOT VOIP or something funny like 3105 XXXX. I’m one of MOS’s efficient email to fax paperless solutions, and I’ve been in use since 2011.

I can receive incoming faxes, send them to you as pdf via email. 1 email per fax transaction. You can see that received fax in pdf, is alot clearer than using a fax machine. With me, you do not need to buy or change drum, toner or any cartridge. There is no need to buy or standby any fax paper too.

Many other solutions receive faxes but do not fax them out. I am slightly different and I work 2 ways! I can send faxes out for you. Just email the document in either .pdf/.xls/.doc format, with the recipient fax number and a short message. I’ll send out your fax like a regular fax machine, but without the paper jamming, without any paper or electricity costs!

CLAIRE is for busy entrepreneurs like you! After a full year of successful trials and great improvements since 2011, CLAIRE service assists more than few hundreds of our corporate clients here and overseas, providing all the major conveniences of a Singapore fax number it brings! A unique Singapore telephone number is issued to you. It’s supported by excellent line quality maintained by StarHub and enhanced in features and connectivity by M.O.S. One number for all your faxes, whether local or overseas, unlimited.

When your client sends a FAX to you, the fax gets relayed to your email! Almost on same business day, CLAIRE handles UN-LIMITED number of faxes for you, without fail. (it’s so much clearer than a fax machine printout!)

Here’s some of the many benefits : 
• No installation, No fax/ Answering machine needed, No hardware needed!
• No time wasted, activate the number within just 2 business days
• Works TWO ways. Receive faxes as well as send them out easily
• Not difficult. Faxes turn into clearer pdf format, goes to your email
• Not expensive at all! So little per month, it’s a worthy convenience
• No settings! Do virtually nothing, send faxes easily by sending us via email
• No security lapses. Automated and secure processes ensure your privacy
• No worries. Line and system works for you, 24hrs a day, Everyday!
• No limits to number of changes to destination email address. Anytime.
• No sharing of number/ data/ info. Absolutely dedicated number for you!
• No electricity bills to pay, no salary needed for the fax to email conversion!

Simplified, this service is like your secretary, everyday and getting you all your faxes organised + giving others a good and professional impression about your business! You will not miss any faxes, no matter where ever in the world you are!

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