Section 171 of the Companies Act in Singapore, requires a company to appoint a company secretary. (not the admin type of secretary/ personal assistant). The office of secretary shall not be left vacant for more than 6 months at any one time. Private limited companies need not appoint chartered accountants or lawyers as their company secretary.

However, a company secretary must still be appointed and ought to be a person of public character, preferably a named professional/ businessperson with prior or relevant experience. It is remarkably essential as the company secretary is an all important arm of your company. One without the necessary experience, will not know how to guide you on the AGM and resolutions, or provide crucial timely advice.

Only public companies must appoint a professionally qualified secretary. Examples of professionally qualified secretaries are lawyers, accountants and chartered secretaries, and the average retainer fee per annum is from S$2k onwards. The level of professionalism, experience and ability to provide acute advice to company directors, is similar to that of an experienced company secretary via M.O.S, particularly as we even have company secretaries who currently serve on the boards of more than 400 other companies.

This professional package already includes a 1 Year retainer fee for the services of genuine Chartered Company to be named as your statutory company secretary, whom will professionally partake in the general preparation and documentation of your AGM, and the tabling of 4 company resolutions.

This professional package is especially suited for new startups and existing companies seeking experienced company secretary at more affordable fees.

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