Ever wanted a place on the internet that belongs to you or your company? Your own corporate blog, or your company’s e-commerce website (not amatuerish), or just a professional and impressive corporate profile about your business?

* This package includes truly un-limited number of email accounts sharing a total of 1000mb, OR choose to enjoy up to 10 email accounts (with advanced anti-spam), each with super capacity of 7GB! That can be as much as 70,000mb just set aside for email accounts! *

Your email accounts can be configured to receive, read and send emails from mobile devices such as tablets, mobile phones as well as PC/ laptops. Look at what almost every other business owner is doing. A corporate website is just about as important (if not more!) compared to how your office actually looks! Afterall, studies have proven that many customers naturally form an impression about your business, based on what they see at your site.

A simple example right here. Now, take a look at www.modetti.com. What do you see? Are we clear on our business products/ services/ information?

Corporate hosting is not as simple as personal webhosting. What people see at your company website = a lasting impression about your business and then you! Being in the forefront of e-commerce since 2002 and supported by apt parties like PayPal, eBay and Google, we’re the ones you look for. None of those flashy video sites, we host and design sites that simply work!

With a domain name (get one immediately from us), + a web & email hosting plan, you can achieve what you see at www.modetti.com!

[ Stability + Affordable + Effective ] We excel at corporate websites and e-commerce, but do not develop any personal websites.

With well maintained local servers having a 100% uptime record in 2006 thru 2010, hosting plans with us are one of the most stable around. Besides you, hundred other local SMEs/ startups and some of our MNC customers, rely heavily on the same infrastructure. Therefore, stability is primemost to you, our other customers and our other divisions.

This is one of the most affordable and best value corporate hosting ( not personal hosting ) plans in town, giving you a total 1000mb of webspace, practically unlimited number of email accounts (sharing total 1000mb), or 10 specially souped up email accounts each as big as 7GB, good number of FTP accounts, accepts sub-domains… it’s good enough for you to start an e-commerce website selling many items or services!

At MOS, our sites simply work! Besides that, we even share real experience tips on how to conduct e-business and accept credit card payments the safer and cheaper way!