m6.sg & Google Apps

Still using yourname@m6.sg? Please read on!

From 2006 to 2014, MODETTI® was providing clients a premium tier email account with Google business apps for free and hosted on our own domain www.m6.sg.

Your special case of continued use was extra goodwill on top of 6x Good News. We’re happy it went on as long as possible.

From 1st May 2022, Google requires subscription upgrade at your m6.sg email. So, your decision needs to be made soon.

MODETTI® has worked out these options to help you:

Option 1, M6 Google System

  1. Fast, reliable access as usual
  2. No change to current usage, emails and data
  3. Google apps, such as Google Drive, Calendar, Meet
  4. Increased storage capacity from 15GB onwards

Basic 15GB Account
S$7 p/mth, 1 Year S$84
Extra Storage 100GB Account
S$14 p/mth, 1 Year S$168


Option 2, End of use

  1. Sharing of online guides for your self extraction/ archive/ conversion of old emails
  2. Sharing of online guides for you to move current Google Drive to other cloud storage
  3. Reminder about your new email for ongoing business mailing address/ services instructions
  4. Last day of access is 1st May 2022, now extended to final 22 May 2022.

If without your decision by 22 May 2022, no further emails or reminders will be sent as the m6.sg account will cease and all data no longer recoverable.

Emails are always important in business. We’ve already prepared the new server in Option 1 for you at best lowest rate and fast access.

Please let us know of your decision soon!

m6.sg & Google Apps